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Default Re: Maybe I'm Just Not Talented Enough...

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
There are a lot of these navel-gazing exercises going on here on DDPro these days, which are of no interest to me whatsoever.
Swear, man... I pulled outta your post exactly right there. That line told me "anything beyond this is BULLSH!T." Swear to fukkin Gosh, I didn't read the remainder of your post. Unnecessary after that line.

What the hell is ***SCREENWRITING*** if it's not an exercise in navel-gazing? Perhaps everyone on this board GETS your POV on this, but I definitely do not. I'ma go so far as to say your POV against navel-gazing is absolutely fukking COUNTER to what screenwriting (and more specifically:STORY) IS.

Meaning: HUH??? WHAT???

You realize Charlie Kaufman's navel-gaze (ADAPTATION) is considered one of the best scripts EVER WRITTEN, yeah? It's number 77 on the WGA's list of 101 ALL TIME BEST SCREENPLAYS. It was up for Oscars/Globes etc. You ever been up for those accolades among your peers of world class folks? You ever sold anything to a studio? Honestly... have you? Ever been repped by someone legit? If not, why talk sh!t on me?

Fukk you think this (writing sh!t) is about? It is precisely the practice of navel-gazing in the most brutally honest of ways. You seem to think it's about... I have no fukkin clue?

Sorry, but this is THE oddest statement I've ever read about story telling in my entire life.
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