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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by Manchester View Post
Franklin, certainly there is a big rush today, but about timing - How long do you expect it to take to get the $50 notes/review/rec?

Here's why I ask. It seems that one has to pay the $25 monthly fee to be listed in order to pay the $50 to be reviewed. As I understand it, you only make a review available to others if the writer agrees.

So let's say I've written the world's greatest-ever script, and yet... your reviewer finds it to be not-so-much. In that case, I might want to take it down from your site and reconsider if maybe my self-assessment wasn't quite right. I'm wondering how long that time-arc might be. Thanks.
A good question.

The timeline on our reviews will likely be ever changing depending the demand for them.

Yes, a writer must pay the $25 fee to have their script listed. And an additional $50 to have it read by one of our readers.

Also true that it is entirely the writer's choice as to whether that evaluation is made public on the site.

In the case you mentioned, you're absolutely right, you may want to take it down immediately after receiving the response, and if you think that it is not likely generate traffic to your script, you should. One thing not mentioned in any of the media coverage of our announcement today is that all writers will be able to track, in real time, the volume of traffic to their script. Views of their script page, # of downloads, # of ratings from industry professionals, etc., which I think, will be a good guide for people as to whether there's value in keeping their script on the site.
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