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Default Re: Read by major producer due to personal connection - how to proceed?

Originally Posted by mrdennissir View Post
I got two scripts read by a well-known producer due to a personal connection I had. There was a meeting and I was told to also make a power point pitch with my asking price and financial estimates in it, along with sending the scripts. I am not WGA or repped, have never sold anything, and the genres this company produces are not my genres. The are not aware of you guys, they had never heard of PAGE, etc. The coverage came back within two weeks and was very ample and positive but not in the regular industry form. However, it doesn't appear they will buy the material and getting back in touch has been difficult. They are working on a major release currently, the delays may be practical.

I have been told by others that for my material I should seek attachments, and big attachments, not B-listers. Also, I have identified some other producers that do my genres and take queries. I will be sending out some queries after my next polish. Should I shell out for IMDBpro and go after some talent? My material has limited "official" resume points like contest placements, etc. and I was thinking of doing some of the majors in the new year. Could I ask the producer I am working with to forward my material?
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