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Default Re: Privacy when writing

I hate it when people watch me write. I'm not even a fan of most people being able to see the screen and read over my shoulder. At one point I couldn't write if there was another person in the room watching me, even if they couldn't see what I was writing, but I can now write around other people as long as they don't look over my shoulder.

The exception to this is when I'm collaborating with someone. Then I don't care, obviously, because we're doing the writing together.

I don't know, I just generally hate to be seen "in process" on things. Back when I was acting consistently I hated it when unexpected people came to rehearsals, too. I could get past it, but it was really irritating.

I also tend to do most of my best work while I'm rewriting, so I get self-conscious that if someone sees my first draft when I'm not ready for them they'll just see a bunch of crap.

Edit: I think it's like, it feels almost like letting someone watch me change clothes. There are some people and circumstances where I'm fine with that, but generally I'd prefer if everyone just saw me in complete outfits.
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