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Old 01-26-2006, 09:40 AM   #11
Jake Schuster
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Default Re: AAA to announce QFs Next Week

Here you go, norcal:

58 Nights by Irving de la Concha
779_Lisa by Tony Chiu
A New Perspective by Ian Krieger
A War in the Mind of God by Jeremy D. Mayer
A Wedding In Niagara Falls by Alan Barkley
Ain't Ethiopia by Michael Bettencourt
All The Stars In The Heavens by William B. Stoddard
Amore! by Robert S. Horvath
Angel in the Darkness by Thomas Kelly
Baker Street by Jim Spivey
Blood Chronicles by Jeon Rezvani
Bonus Check by Andrew Tuttle
Buddy and the Pink Flamingo by John E. Jarvis
Bug 6 by Joe Buonfiglio
Bull Comb Blues by David Warnock
Burned Beyond Recognition by Jack Sommars
Captain Cross by Wendall Brown
Charlie's Gift by Tanya L. Williams
Chasing Daylight by J.P. Smith
Chrysalis by Ray Gross
Criminal Activity by Jonathan Wood
Deathshead by Steven Bray & Neil Harrison
Descent by Todd McCullough
Dimmesdale! by Doug Molter
Fallen Angel Risen by Xavier Morales
Felix The Flyer by Christopher Canole
Found by Terry Riley
Full Circle by Ben Henderson & John Regan
Funeral by Jakub Korolczuk and Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo
GalwayĆ*s Chattel by Dave Schmeling & David A. Pasquarelli
Glass and Silver by R.D. Wright
Goslings Will Return by Mitsumasa Ooi
Goth by William Rogers
Guardians of the Crown by Gregg Guest
Guilty by Broderick Fox
Hanna by Seth Lochhead
Healing Marie by James Ossi
Hiding In Plain Sight by Andrew Plog
How To Grow Your Life by Brian Hill
In Guilt and In Grace by Katherine Maxwell
In The Lens by Jim Beggarly
Intelligence Failures by David Shoenfeld
Jerusalem by Tammy Hamilton & Kevin Hamilton
Keepin' It Real by Denise Pischinger
Last Call For Hope by Jordan Roberts & Alison Tavoularis
Last Light by Chris W. Freeman
Liberty by Harvey Z. Yarzijan
Loose Ends by Lina Shanklin & Richard A. Natale
Lucharpan by Brian Bivens
Ludwig The Great by John T. Simpson
Luna by John Dart & Jeff Swanson
Memorial Day by W. Scott Prestwood
Milo by Jan Wilson
Modern Piracy by Christopher J. Wood
Monkey Days by Tim Merkle
Monsters and Melodies by Craig Stevens
Mother's Love by Dave Colmar
Ninja Burger by Michael Fiegel
One Armed Bandits by Bruce Dundore
One Ounce World by David Alexander Topf
Origins by Sean R. Sullivan
Pony at Large by Trysta A. Bissett
Pursuit of Glory by Donald Halbert
Pym by Don Evans
Queen of Trash by Jery Rowan
Razor Island by James O. Fraioli
Reckless by Mark Jonathan Harris
Red on Yellow, Deadly Fellow by Mandi Tucker
Redemption at Rugged Rock by Michael Woods
Ride A **** Horse by Cecil Cannon & Adrian Carr
Road2Y by Brus D. Messinger
Saints and Strangers by Tracey Thomas
Samuel Johnson's by Will Ethan Drogin
Sarracena by Nina Nieto
Seascape by Steven O'Connor
Secrets of the State by Timothy M. Brennan & Keith Dussell
Shantytown by Joey R. Cassel
She's Got A Way by Elise Lynn Stempky
She's Not There by Lando Barbagli and Roberto Perruccio
Sherlock & Jack by Jeff Wolverton
Sinatra And Me by Laurel Jones
Something New by Charle R. McBeth
Soul Proprietor by John Wallbank
Spirit of Mischief by James K. Shea
Stuck In The Eighties by Mark Kessel
Sultana by Laqueta Lewis
Swept Under by Steven Arnold
Syria by Ken Singer
Tara by D.C. Mallery
Target Mona Lisa by George Mullen
The Angel's Key by Patricia Little
The Argentine by Job Michael Penhallow
The Audition by Melody Reams
The Battle of New Orleans by Dan Baker
The Black Lion by Paul Anderson
The Blood by Shepard Colleen McGarr
The Calf, The Caterpillar, and the Curandera by Paul and Carlos Meyer
The Cousins Club by Ken Pisani
The Detail by Ryan Bradley
The Frozen by Sean Carley
The Get by Justine Schmidt & Mugs Cahill
The Goddess of the Butterflies by Peter Tulipan
The Guild by P.A. Landa
The Legend of the Two Ladies by Wendy J. Gayner
The Longest Night by Jeremy Anderson
The Miracle Man by Douglas Stark & Carl Cramer
The Shell Game by Michael Bickel
The Smiths Are On Vacation by Karl Doyle
The Spear of Destiny by Jeff Wolverton
The Transport by Jeremy Scott Johnson
The Union Rebel by Marcy Christmas
The Walk-Ons by Alex Drummond
Tormor Island by Sandra Murillo & Elise Salomon
Triking Charles Manson by Richard Rubacher
Triumph by David Meyers
Unravelled by Tina "Joey" Anderson
Vigilance by Ethan Logue
Vulnerability by Mark Tompkins
Wake by Lennox Wiseley
Winter In Eden by Matt Harry
Witness for the Defense by Steven Berko
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Old 01-26-2006, 04:23 PM   #12
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Default Re: AAA to announce QFs Next Week

Thanks Jake.

Good luck to you and the others who advanced.
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Old 01-27-2006, 05:17 PM   #13
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Default Re: AAA to announce QFs Next Week

Wow. I didn't make the quarters in THIS contest?

Guess I better do some soul searching regarding my comedic abilities.
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Old 01-28-2006, 01:09 AM   #14
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Default Re: AAA to announce QFs Next Week

muck, from what little i picked up looking into contests, there's a bias against comedies. better to try comedy-only contests such as FIND THE FUNNY or EXPOSE IT!
" Life is high school with money. " Frank Zappa
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