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Boobsie Malone
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Default Re: 2 studios/ Need help


I have to respectfully disagree. The poster has said 'after a few rounds of notes she said i could "hook up with an agent and shop it around."' Which means to me, that the friend doesn't think it's in shape to go out to agents, yet. But, when it is, I think the poster is in a great position to ask for referrals.

I understand that the instinct is to hurry and get the script out there, but if the script isn't ready, the script isn't ready.

I think waiting for notes, and rewriting the script is a great way to approach this. Because, it can hurt if he approaches agents and gets a pass. Those are agents he won't be able to contact again. Whereas, if he approaches them in a couple of months time, he'll have a great script that has the possibility of getting an agent. Which is not a position he's in now.

And, yes, when you have a sale is a great time to get a great agent, because that agent will be able to get you much more exposure than just the sale itself. The agent will be able to turn your sale into a career.

Agreed, there's no reason to not try to get an agent now, unless your script isn't ready. Which seems to be the case here.

I think that the poster mistook what was happening, and a lot of the posters here have seen through the haze, realizing that his script isn't in development, that his script is getting coverage, which is an entirely different beast, as I'm sure you'll agree.

Even you say: "You definitely don't want to be sending anything out to a studio that you don't think is ready." That is the advice the posters are giving here. They're saying the script isn't ready, because his friend said it isn't ready. As a favor, the friend is getting coverage on the script, so that the poster can rewrite it to make it ready.

At least, that's what I read.
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