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Default Re: Wrap for Fountain files ... but what's with "Estella?"

Originally Posted by Centos View Post
I'm happy to report that Wrap has already been fixed (as of version 0.2.3). Why ESTELLA triggered the issue (as well as EXTELLA and INTIMA) was because they were all shots, "EST" was the beginning of ESTABLISHING. The author's first (temporary) "fix" was using the ! and @ as mentioned above.

Results now correct. The following was created with Wrap.

INT. LIVING ROOM — DAY ESTELLA ROBERTS, late 20s, yells up the stairs. ESTELLA Bus is almost here. EXTELLA, 10, her daughter, runs down the stairs. EXTELLA Sorry, mom. INTIMA, 50s, rushes through the door without knocking. INTIMA Bus is already gone. I'll drive her.
This has been a while ago, but (interestingly) the creator of Wrap just recently added a little more about the issue and its fix. It turns out it wasn't his oversight, it was was actually in Fountain's specs. (I guess the name Estella doesn't come up very often).

From the Wrap GitHub page ...

I kept wondering how I could have fallen in such an obvious pitfall (something the other people on the Done Deal Pro forum rightfully noted).

Unfortunately this wasn't really a bug in Wrap but rather one in the Fountain spec. The Fountain spec specifies that any line starting with EST/EXT/..., upper- or lowercase, should be interpreted as a slug line.

However, your issue is a very good reason to slightly deviate from this to require a space (and optionally a point) after those abbreviations.
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