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Default Re: Manager showing my first screenplay this week

Back in the day George Lucas sent 10 Ralph McGuire (sp?) illustrations with his initial submission of Star Wars (which if you read the version, sucked big-time) to the studios.

This is what got the picture on the map.
At the time, Sc-Fi was defined by movies like Logan's Run, 2001 Space Odessy, Planet Of The Apes, Star Trek, When World's Collide, etc.
Old school stuff.

Lucas envisioned a whole new "used future" look and feel.
It was completely original (back then at least).
And for all you people 30 and under--it was revolutionary back then.

So if you have a new take.
If you got something that needs to be 'splained visually.
You are good to go.

Especially now that comics are all the rage.
And you being an illustrator/writer--makes you a demi-god now.

And I have been looking for someone to turn a sci-fi screenplay of mine into a graphic novel.
I'd love to buy you lunch. lol!

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