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Old 04-06-2006, 08:28 AM   #1
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Default Celebrity Endeavors

Anyone have info on them?

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Default Re: Celebrity Endeavors

Originally Posted by emptyideas
Anyone have info on them?


Type it in the search field. These guys have been covered in TONS of discussions.

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Default Re: Celebrity Endeavors

This is some email responses I'd gotten from these people once. I say don't do it. The reader service they want you to use costs YOU money (I think it was something like $300-500):

Thank you for your script submission to Celebrity Endeavors. For more than two decades we have assisted writer/producers in the development of their projects for feature film, television, video and electronic media. After careful review of your script, we would like to begin working with you on the development of God Speed. I hate that we have missed each other when trying to communicate by phone but wanted to follow up with you regarding things on our end at this time.
I'm sure you're well aware, there are over 150,000 scripts registered with the WGA that are available for out-right purchase. Obviously, there are not many "new" and "fresh" ideas out there, so your script has to be improved upon and strengthened, then combined with the additional components to put your script ahead of the curve. When it comes to the studios and networks, you never have a second chance to make a first impression, so this presentation package, and its format, is vital to your success.

As all the successful writers/producers have learned, developing a script and being an active producer during the production, proves to not only be a huge learning experience, but also much more profitable because of being able to earn a producer's income during the production, while still receiving the writer's percentage in the end. Yes, this does involve more work on the part of the writer, but will prove to be a rewarding experience in many ways. Writer/Director and Writer/Producer credits are quite common with most projects these days.

When it comes to the material to be presented to the studios and networks, we include not only a copy of the script, but also a cover page with logline, summary and genre, a clear and thorough synopsis, character breakdown, and wish list of principle talent. Again, this is the same formula that we have utilized to secure production deals on countless film and television projects through the years.

To begin this process, we require coverage reports from "reputable studio readers." Providing you are ready to move forward with this process, contact me so that I can put you in direct contact with a source to provide you with these coverage reports.
Once the coverage reports are received, our office provides a summarization of these reports with suggestions on how to improve the script prior to our promotion of the project. At which time, all of the reports and our summarization are forwarded to you so that you can begin strengthening the script. We can certainly help in putting together the total package and all the necessary components together, with minimal financial input from you, the writer.
Celebrity works entirely on a commission basis. Understanding there are always variances, for development or co-production deals, a commission equal to 2% of the project's budget (financing requirements) and 2% of the distribution deal is built into the budget and a commission equal to 15% of the writer/producer's gross income on all secured distribution contracts. (film, TV, cable, merchandise, foreign sales, etc.) Basically, we develop the project, then secure production financing and distribution. In most cases, the writer's commission is about 5% of the final production budget, on top of their producer's income that is also worked into the budget.

I certainly look forward to speaking to you again soon and the opportunity of working together this next season. It's obvious that you do have a good start to a great screenplay which could prove to be very successful with a little guidance. We are known to be very straight-shooters with anyone we deal with, so don't hesitate sending me an email with any questions you may have. I am sure we will speak soon when I get some time to contact you directly. Despite the direction you choose to go, I wish you much success with this script and your future endeavors.

Then subsequently I received this email:

I'm glad that you had a chance to speak with Mr. Powers last week. He says that you were able to talk and discuss everything in detail and most importantly, said that the two of you had an enjoyable conversation. Get back to me as soon as you can today or tomorrow if you are interested in moving forward with us. At this time, I will follow up with you regarding the other necessary components and will have the follow-up information for Studio Readers sent over to you.
If this is the case, I would like to see you be able to get things set up with Studio Readers before the Thanksgiving Holiday, at which time, I will have you send 3 fresh copies of the scripts to me to initiate this process. It's a pretty straight-forward process that we will work through together.
I sincerely look forward to working with you and your script over the next several months.

The Hills may have Eyes, but run for them anyway I say. That’s what I know. Hope that helps!
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Old 04-06-2006, 01:35 PM   #4
Carlton Redford
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Default Re: Celebrity Endeavors

Here's one of their latest "enterprises" with, no doubt, a payment from the writer required and very likely, that "coverage required" angle. From a very recent ad they posted on the HCD jobs board (I'm not at all recommending that anyone even think of contacting them):

Seeking To Produce Your Script Rather Than Sell Or Option It Off?

Established Film Finance & Distribution Company now accepting queries on new film & television projects for the coming season.

Seeking writers/producers wanting to develop and produce independent projects (minimum of 5Mil) through bankable distribution - NO private placements, script sales or options.

For more details, see our web site. All queries should be sent to to the attention of ACQUISITIONS.

Company Name:Celebrity
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Default Re: Celebrity Endeavors

Darn it...They forgot Canadians again!
A talent for drama is not a talent for writing, but is an ability to articulate human relationships.
Gore Vidal

"Aisatsu Yori Ensatsu"
Money is better than compliments.

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