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Default Re: Getting to the top of the pile...

But who the heck is "Frank Reina" at Paradigm? 02764
Originally Posted by Frankie's Profile
MIAMI VICE -- Best movie of the year barnone 2006. Like them crazy cops, I carry a loaded gun. SEXY BEAST -- for the opening scene alone and of course Ben Kingsley. The greatest/scariest buddy black comedy ever made. KISS KISS BANG BANG -- for the title alone. If you don't think Robert Downey Jr. is the best human drug in this movie, then U my friend don't know what drugz iz. 9 1/2 WEEKS -- It's sexy, steamy, and teaches U a few tricks of the lustful game. Mickey Rourke's the ultimate sadistic player and Kim Basinger has a heart shaped ass...
Loaded gun? Either he is being optimistic about his sperm count, or he has serious pull with the Sheriff. I think all the agents at CAA have CCP's, so that's a good start.
...I once had a girlfriend with a heart shaped ass, and believe U me, asses like that don't come cheap. U gotta play cupid and rip your arrow right thru that heart.
I may not pay Virtualpitch**** to be passed on by him, but I wouldn't discount querying the guy over myspace. I don't myspace but anyone who can type that much into a profile is worth a shot. Plus, I love Sean Penn's hair in Mystic River as well. And Miami Vice was the best movie of 2006. And he's right, Ben Kingsley does have a heart-shaped ass... VirtualPitchFest, are you still 'monitoring' this board? Did you make Frankie aware that charging reading fees is against WGA rules (b/c you were made aware of this fact before you signed him up) and that by putting his name and agency on your site to sell subscriptions you are risking his job? Also, why did the only other WGA sig agency to appear on your site drop out?? So many management firms but no real agencies, why is that?
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