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Default Imdb pro producers legal contact

Does anyone have the contact info, and the name of their agents/managers, of these?:
Wayans brothers
Jerry Zucker
Craig Mazin

Can somebody pm them to me?
I tried imdb pro but it didn´t accept my mastercard, it said "invalid number"...
and DDpro lists agents, managers, production companies, sales etc.
so i doubt it includes the info on the names above.

About Jerry Zucker.
This is from the web:
c/o staff member Zucker Production
1250 6th St Ste 201
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1637

Does imdb pro list another address as Jerry´s legal contact or the identical?
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Default Re: Imdb pro producers legal contact

The title of your post is confusing since you ask for legal contact. It sounds like you are asking for their lawyers name and phone number; but then you ask for the agent and manager names. Which are you looking for exactly? If you are trying to submit stuff don't bother their lawyers. Try their agent or manager, who will probably turn you away, or better yet try a creative executive at their company. One of their gate keepers.

As for what we include for individuals, it really depends on how they are being listed as part of any deal. Our info is material and writer centric. When we list the agents, managers and/or lawyers involved with a deal it's specifically for the writer of the material, whether it be a script, book, pitch, treatment, etc. Thus if the Wayans wrote the script, then we'll do our best to list who reps them.

We try to list the actual name of the agent, manager or lawyer as much as we can, but in some cases we can only list the agency, management firm or law firm. (Even then we don't always know who the reps are in every case.) If you at least know the agency, though, you can call and ask for "John Doe's" agent and the switchboard can usually patch you through to the correct person.

Also, in the case of actors, writers and directors who have their own companies then we do try to provide all the contact info we can for their company along with key staff member names.

None of this is to say we're the right service/site for your needs but that's just so you know. Also, give IMDBpro another try. Just be really careful with the number you enter and make sure it's 16 digits.
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Default Re: Imdb pro producers legal contact

The title of your post is confusing since you ask for legal contact,
do you have illegal contact information? some how i think that might be more useful, courageous, and daring.
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Old 08-30-2010, 09:36 PM   #4
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Default Re: Imdb pro producers legal contact

From studiosystem:

Jerry Zucker
Zucker Productions
1250 Sixth Street
Suite 201
Santa Monica , CALIFORNIA 90401
United States
phone #1 : (310) 656-9202
fax : (310) 656-9220

Damon Wayans
Gersh / Andy Cohen / (310) 274-6611
International Creative Management / Christopher Smith / (310) 550-4245 (Personal Appearances)
Attorney Kleinberg, Lopez, Lange, Cuddy & Klein LLP / Robert Lange / (310) 286-3470

Craig Mazin
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) / Todd Feldman / (424) 288-2000 (Point)
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) / Rick Hess / (424) 288-2000
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) / Gregory McKnight / (424) 288-2000
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) / Bill Zotti / (424) 288-2000
Attorney Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson & Binder, LLP / Mitch Smelkinson / (310) 385-9300

and his company only says this
Please direct inquiries regarding Craig Mazin or the Craig Mazin Company to Todd Feldman at CAA.
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