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Default LA Neighborhoods

I am almost afraid to post this after I read some of the 150 something posts to the question about whether or not to move to LA as this seems to be already covered.....However my question is a little different?

I have been writting screenplays for almost six years. I have never tried to sale one, get representation, etc. I have just been writing, waiting for the time that I felt like I was ready to move to another level....Let me tell you it never gets easy. I wanted to absolutely perfect my writing, but I realize I learn something new everyday and that my life is happening I am moving to LA! My main reason is that I cannot jump on a plane at a moments notice and be in LA, so I am afraid to put this in a letter to an agent, or phone a producer and make this claim and not be able to follow up on it. I have three young daughters (I am 29), and have a full time job. Luckily I type medical transcriptions at home and can do this in LA. I do plan to start contacting agents/producers a couple of months before my move, because then at least I can tell them I am moving.

My main concern, being all the way from Georgia, is that I have no clue about the neighborhoods, etc in LA. I have done a lot of research, been on tons of apt search websites, but still I want an insider's point of view. I really want a decent neighborhood with good schools, but not that expensive....ok now stop laughing!!! I know almost everything is expensive. I want to stay in the $1200-1300 range on a two BR. I don't have to be right smack in the middle of everything, but a good 10-20 minutes away wouldn't hurt.

Sorry to post this type of question, as I always have plenty of basic screenwriting questions as well, but I figured where better to ask about LA then other fellow screenwriters, some of which are probably there and know the area.

Wish me luck!!! Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

I can't help but to let you all know my input on the "moving to LA"....I have spent the last six years being absolutely miserable, working a mundane, absolutely boring job that is about to drive me insane. I have known what I wanted to do for about six years now and it has drove me so crazy....that I am wasting away here and not making this a priority. Look, I know if you are a good writer, you are a good writer, but to me that is not all there is to it. I think I am a decent writer (ok I was going to be good but didn't want to sound conceited) but I live over 3000 miles away, have a whole other life, and I want the life in LA. I want to be a part of it all....I am telling you there must be a difference in writers who can not consider living there. Maybe some of you are so confident in your writing and content with your own life now. Believe me I am not discrediting you, I am quite jealous, as I am as far as being content as a person can be. I am uprooting my two oldest daughters from their schools, their home, my husbands current job, and the list goes on, but I hope that with my passion I will at some point be a successful screenwriter. And if not, well at least I will not be sitting on my front porch rocking when I am 70 years old wondering what if......

"It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you..."
(Million Dollar Baby)
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