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Default Cold War

boy is my take going to be contrarian (against a 91 Metacritic score)

something like a Polish "A Star is Born" but spanning 15 years during the onset of the Cold War (1949-1964). Wiktor is a musician who runs a state folk music and dance program for the nascent Soviet-controlled Polish government. He plucks his ingenue, Zula, from the group of auditioners and they begin their decades-long affair.

except then they both make a series of seriously dumb decisions (think "Casablanca," but if Rick and/or Isla had chosen to leave the haven of Morocco to voluntarily go back to Nazi-occupied Paris). on top of which, they seem to fairly hate each other despite the infrequent hot sex. i won't spoil the grim ending but by the time it (finally) comes, i anticipated it in a joking way. but then they do the joke in all seriousness.

that said, like "Roma," the black and white cinematography is luminous and the musical numbers (traditional Polish folk dances and 50s cabaret jazz numbers) are beautifully shot. i just wish i cared at all about the lovers to give more meaning to the imagery
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Default Re: Cold War

I agree. I thought things happened randomly, I cared very little, and I was left scratching my head. What was THAT about?
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