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Default Re: Bishop-Lyons Entertainment

Originally Posted by jaredm View Post
I was wondering if anyone has dealt with David Lyons from Bishop-Lyons Entertainment on a show concept before. I submitted my concept and he said he thought I had a very good idea, but that it needed some polishing as well as some other comments. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Hi Jared
I'm looking to find the same info as I'm thinking we were told the same thing! Did you get a good review from hockeyjason??
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Default Re: Bishop-Lyons Entertainment

I would definitely not recommend Bishop Lyons Entertainment to anyone. Keep your money and time. Hold out for a name brand production company or a talent agent. I personally dealt with them. They quoted me a budget in the six figures. I put up a large sum of money and I got a two minute reel cut from images off the internet. Nothing filmed. It’s something one could basically produce from a smart phone.
Here are some things to look for when talking to them. These are from my dealings. Someone else’s situation might be different. Use your own discrepancy.
1. The “budget” is nothing more than a number they throw out to you to base the percentage of what they want from you up front. If you really want to “partner” with them, insist on putting the funds contributed by both parties into an escrow and draw accordingly. What they aren’t telling you is that this is merely the fee they are going to take from you in order to partner with you, so most likely that will never happen. I asked for the budget numbers after I realized the reel wasn’t filmed as we agreed. To this day I have never been furnished numbers.
2. I was told that they would be putting up even more money than me. In fact, they said I needed to put up the money quickly in order for them to earmark their funds for my project. Translation: they need to earmark your funds for their bank account.
3. They will tell give you all the reasons why a large budget is needed for a successful outcome. It should never cost huge dollars for a typical five minute sizzle reel. Think about that for minute everyone.
4. If you’re expecting a transparent “partnership” don’t use them. It’s not a partnership if you front everything including their profits.
5. It’s misleading because they use “budget” and “partner” in order to get your money. It’s a canned presentation that works well on unsuspecting writers. It’s a great business model…for them.
I’m sure there are people that love these guys. I’ve never dealt with anyone there other than the two partners. If you fling enough mud against the wall some will stick. I wished I would of seen a post like this prior to getting involved with them. I would have been money ahead.
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