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Default Advice on Selling my Show

I have a pilot I really believe in that has gotten me some traction as of late. It's made a few influential "best-of" lists, helped me sign with a great management company, and gotten my foot in the door with several networks and a few production companies.

At one point, someone wanted to option it but had a project they felt was too similar. Others have mentioned they had a problem seeing where exactly the series would go, but they loved it as a concept.

Do you think creating a show bible would help me in selling? My managers are currently focused on getting me staffed (which is great) but I really feel as though this could be sold somewhere as well. How would you approach your team in getting them on board to not only staff, but sell your original work? I'm a younger writer (repped less than a year) but I still want to at least have an opportunity to take those three-pointer shots. Hell, I'll even take those hail mary's.
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Default Re: Advice on Selling my Show

Can't really advise you on how best to approach this with your management. What I will advise is to write the bible. It will open up so much more of the world to you and help you shape the bigger story/ character arcs & rules etc within the show.

I pitched my series the other day to one of the major networks. They'd read the pilot and the 40 page bible and a detailed season 1 episode guide and still we talked for over an hour plus on many other elements beyond these materials. Had myself and the rest of the team not put together such a detailed bible then it would have massively limited how in-depth we could have gone in the conversation.

Once you've done this, I'd suggest giving it to your management. Once they see your overall vision for the series it might encourage them to take it to more folks.
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