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Old 02-14-2017, 01:31 PM   #1
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Default Submitting Script to Production Company

I have a script that a large production company is interested in reading. But first they want to know if I have a legal rep or agent/manager I can submit it through. Unfortunately, I do not have any of those listed. I do have my own personal attorney who is not in the industry. Would that be a really bad move to have my attorney send the script? Advice is very appreciated on this matter.
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Default Re: Submitting Script to Production Company

If they're truly interested in reading your script, they shouldn't need anything from you at this stage other than a submission form. It's only when the thing becomes an actual negotiation that a rep should become necessary, and it's only when you have a hard offer that you can reasonably expect to attract a rep anyway.

I would be honest and tell them you are currently unrepped. If that ends up being a reason not to read your script, then what they told you in the first place was already a disguised "no". Accepting material only from repped writers is a pretty default gate-keeping device with production companies.

I'm not really qualified to weigh in on the gambit with your non-entertainment attorney. That seems like something that's not going to work, but then some wacky techniques have been successfully used to get in the door.
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Default Re: Submitting Script to Production Company

Tell them you are seeking literary representation at this time, but would be happy to sign a release form.

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