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Default "THE LUGNUT LIST" -- The Mechanic's Top 10 of 2018

I just realized (in May -- ) that I posted last year's LUGNUT LIST on my website and forgot to post it, per tradition, on Done Deal too. So, better late than never, here it is...


AVA by Joel Irwin (Sci-Fi Thriller)
A woman named Ava wakes up in a remote and secluded mansion to find herself a captive to a man who claims to be her husband, but in spite of the evidence she struggles to believe him and eventually makes a shocking discovery hidden in the basement. *Optioned

THE SWING BACK by Gaby Purchase (Comedy)
A middle-aged couple, who are on the brink of divorce after 25 years of marriage, are gifted a 7-day vacation in Mexico by their daughter, but they arrive to discover it’s a resort for Swingers.

BLINDERS by Edward Klau (Thriller)
When blind femme fatale Della Fremont manipulates her girlfriend into killing her husband, she discovers he’s planning a murder of his own and a perfect plan takes a dangerous detour.

CHRISTMAS DILEMMA by Tiayoka McMillian (Comedy)
Unable to agree on whose parents to spend the holidays with, a newly-married couple opt to stay in their Atlanta home, but when both families show up unexpectedly, Christmas gets wild.

JUNGLEBALL by Steve Dini (Vietnam War / True Story)
Chronicles the true story of a rivalry between a unit of American MPs and a detachment of Green Berets which culminates in a televised softball game near the front lines.

CORA David Michael Milwee (Sci-Fi Thriller)
When a venture capitalist agrees to fund a tech firm, they loan him a beautiful female robot whom he houses in his city apartment so he can use her for extra-marital sex, but he later learns she was actually designed for espionage and combat, and a malfunction makes her insanely jealous.

MURDERABILIA by Neil Krolicki (Serial-Killer Thriller / Black Comedy)
The adult son of a dead serial-killer makes a living by communicating with prison inmates and selling macabre memorabilia, but when a detective hires him to help locate the skull of her own father (one of his dad’s victims) and a copy-cat embarks on a killing spree, his life is thrown into turmoil.

THE JANITOR by Matthew Lee Blackburn (Thriller)
A mob rib-breaker turned high school janitor seeks to redeem his violent past by preventing a young girl from making the same mistakes he did, but when drugs and gangs overrun her school, he must risk his cover to clean it up.

THE LAST TRIP by Christina Ferguson (Drama / Comedy)
A successful married woman who works in Silicon Valley has her life turned upside down when Jerry Garcia dies and her estranged parents – two Deadheads – roll into town to pay their respects.

THE ROCK by Craig Knowles (Drama)
After his son dies in the military, an aging farmer unearths a huge boulder in the middle of the field he wants to sow, but when he tries to remove it he discovers it goes deeper and deeper, which leads to an epic battle of man versus rock.


SANCTUARY by Victoria Rau (Drama / Thriller)
An Irish priest takes a job in a broken-down parish in a troubled Chicago neighborhood and he seems harboring a secret agreement with a Colombian drug cartel.

BURN by David Gittins (Crime Drama / Thriller)
While a drug-addicted San Bernadino County fire chief battles flames and tries to thwart a merger with the state’s fire department, a fire investigator with the county sheriff’s office longs for an arson investigation and gets precisely what he wanted.

HOOKED by Alexandra Adornetto (Thriller / Fantasy)
A young man who lives on the streets of Los Angeles has been searching for his friend Belle for over a decade, but she’s fallen into the hands of a sociopath who intends to harvest a drug named “Dust” from her blood because she’s not actually human – she’s a fairy.

THE FIGHT GAME by Derek Finney (Boxing Drama)
While a veteran white boxer defies his coach and looks to compete in bigger fights, a young black fighter who moved from NY to LA aims to build a career but must deal with institutionalized racism, and mobster Mickey Cohen prepares for his own fight with the authorities and his business rivals.

LOW CIRCULATION by Patrick Dorsey (Comedy)
Fired from the Tampa Bay Times on the day her team wins a Pulitzer, a dedicated investigative journalist is forced to take a job at a small-town newspaper that runs nothing but fluff stories ... for now.

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