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Default Re: Anybody Know Any Agents or Managers Open to Acquiring New Clients?

Originally Posted by crocodilestreet View Post
I think you might be right. I just did some due diligence on VPF, and here is what I came up with. I looked at the first 100 entries they list on their site (Just a simple search on Google and IMDB) (out of approximately 450).
“production companies” listed on the site. A good portion of the “Production Firms” have a sole citation is on VPF, or have solely produced one short film, or haven’t produced anything in 15 years which leads me to one of two possible conclusions: A. The site bloats the list with false listings to give legitimacy to what is essentially a hoax. or B: The site is only populated with “companies” who would not have the capacity to bring a project to market. Neither of which makes the site a useful resource.

Some examples from the top of the list:
  • Juan Aguirre Productions - Someone who seems to hve worked in set construction.
  • Medball - a production company which is nonetheless not cited on any of the movies they cite on VPF.
  • Leaving Normal - a production company which cites “Adulthood” a series that seems to have been made in 2017, but was never picked up anywhere… and whose trailer seems to have disappeared from the net.
  • Galaxy… a Hong Kong based hotel firm
  • Nathaniel Howe Studios - a marketing firm which has made nothing but ID clips for branding projects.

I am sharing the link to the Google document with my research if anyone wants to peek at it:

There may be errors since I'm lacking context and did this pretty darn rapidly in one day.

My favorite entry was personally for one Stephen Dollinger, who directed one episode of Airwolf in 1984. Now, although I did love the show very much, I’m not sure he’s the right partner for bringing a film to market.

Again, in advance, please excuse any errors. But it seems mighty shady. I wouldn't pay for it.
The only thing I will push back on here is the point on the Galaxy Studio. They appear to be a legitimate distributor that distributes in Vietnam. Big stuff. But, how the hell is that going to help a writer?

However, many of the China/Hong Kong based financiers are in fact part of large hotel conglomerates or whatever. So while I think your conclusion was 100% write (and you had the wrong company) I wouldn’t dismiss these big offshore companies with money to burn out of hand.

As with all of these pay-to-play offerings, a healthy dose of IMDBPro, Google, and LinkedIn goes a long way.
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Default Re: Anybody Know Any Agents or Managers Open to Acquiring New Clients?

"As with all of these pay-to-play offerings, a healthy dose of IMDBPro, Google, and LinkedIn goes a long way."

Second this. Still like VPF - gotten good reads (and sometimes feedback but no sales/reps).

Me, only one produced feature and one 2nd in a major contest.

Think you need to also read the **** out of whatever Blacklist, Hitlists, Bloodlist, Young and Hungry List scripts you can get your hands on to know what's marketable and ready -- BY FEEL -- like an NBA player knows the moves to make instinctively.

And don't do the usual; do unique projects. Find your personal sweetspots - not everyone can or should do everything.

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Default Re: Anybody Know Any Agents or Managers Open to Acquiring New Clients?

I'll offer up a general defense of those services who list people or companies who don't "seem" to be legit:

You really have to dig for the truth. The individual behind a company (not necessarily the name on the list who's going to receive your pitches, eg. on VPF) is the one you need to check.

Remember that their past film project associations may be on films made by past employers, when they worked there, and perhaps their role was just as set designer or floor sweeper.

But, perhaps the truth is just the reverse: Good news. I've been pleasantly surprised ("goldmine!") with some digging.

They may very well have pretty significant credits when you drill down.

I can think of several off-hand, as I write this, who are now with new companies, or brand new start-up companies, or have websites that list their own profiles, who have assembled immense credits over the years. Some websites even list things that way: "Past films our executives have been associated with."

Of course, this is where you really have to drill down to the "person", not the company, because the person is surely going to list any such projects on IMDB... but then if you're looking for a company that turns out to be one of their past associations, you inevitably spin off from IMDB to LinkedIn or regular Google to find someone now at those companies, instead.

Honestly, most of what I accomplish (querying-wise) is from free digging, but I've sometimes spent a half hour or more "digging" just to get one name. And then they don't respond to my pitch... but then I now have a new name on the list for all future pitching.

Persistence pairs up with luck, in the querying business, but you still have to have something worthwhile to send in the first place.

G'luck to all!
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