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Default Script With Production Company On Studio Lot

What’s the response time if a spec script was personally requested via a phone call by a well-known producer whose company has a studio deal? All of this was done without an agent, manager, lawyer or signing release forms - the producer simply called and said, "I heard about it - send it."

Does the script go through the company’s Reader, Assistant, Director of Development, VP of Production and then to each Producer at the company? If the script does have to travel each of the individuals I’ve just mentioned how long would it take for the script to finally be read? Mind you, the script will be read individually until it gets to the partners/producers who, would then probably receive and read the script around the same time.

If the script makes all of the positive rounds will the company simply send the script to travel the studio route of coverage? I’m sure, the studio will have to do their own coverage and it starts all over again with the script having to travel up a long ladder for consideration.

Lastly, would the company simply try and secure the script i.e., option the script or purchase it themselves, as they DO have money themselves or would the company send it to the studio for the studio to option or purchase on the company’s behalf being that its deal is with the studio?


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Default Re: Script at Production Company and Studio

If it's a sizable prodco, the script goes for coverage. If it's a pass, it ends there. If it's a consider, the coverage will be distributed, and maybe the producer will read it.
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