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Default Pseudonym

How does one go about using a pseudonym in screenwriting? Obviously one has to use their real names in contracts but how about in the credits? Thanks.
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Default Re: Pseudonym

Using a pseudonym

(“There’s one special case that sometimes comes up. A writer has the right to use a pseudonym if she receives credit on a movie, but don’t [doesn't] really want her name associated with it.”)
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Default Re: Pseudonym

Unless you are asking about something more than what I am seeing in your question the contract you sign should contain these the points essentially:

"This written agreement will confirm the basic terms between FRANK JOHNSON (herein called "Producer") and JOHN DOE (herein called "Writer").....

In the CREDIT section:

Include in some fashion, "Writer will receive the screen credit of 'Written by Alan Smith'... "

Obviously replace "Alan Smith" with whatever name you would like to use on say on a regular or ongoing basis, especially if you want to build up credits for your pseudonym. Up to you especially in the indie world.

I did this on a horror movie years ago, since I didn't want my name on it. Easy to do and worked perfectly.

If you have lawyer, they would be best to help with all this of course, but the above should do the trick for the most part.

The WGA has a set of rules for all this that applies to their members. It's a bit more complicated. If you are in the Guild then definitely look all up first and follow their rules & procedures so there are no issues.
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Default Re: Pseudonym

Thanks guys.

TF - I had already found that article but I thought the info might be outdated. But I guess not.
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