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Default Another Free eBook: "Mister Buttle's Great Odyssey" (feel-good road trip circa 1933)

NOTE: The promotion has expired. You can still click the book to freely read 5 or 10 percent. Thanks!

************************************************** ***
We should all be spending our time writing and polishing and maybe marketing our own material, but if you’re looking for something to read this might be an interesting distraction.

I’ve set my 1933-era, G-Rated road tripper on Amazon for free download, from this Friday 12:00 A.M. PDT till Tuesday April 7, 2020 at midnight (5 days, the max I’m allowed):

Mr. Buttle's Great Odyssey

I consider this among my Top 10 stories. It's a distinctly American epic, but "hitting the road" happened all over during the Great Depression. What I also tried to do was show how the "little guy and gal" faced down the crisis, mostly through family and community, selflessness and compassion.

A lesson for today's times?

Written in 2015, I'd long hoped it would be ready for a Summertime release, such as in an election year, as a way of helping voters remember what binds rather than what divides.

Logline: At the height of the Great Depression, a wealthy old man who’s losing his memory wants his estate to go to someone needy, so he launches a quest with his trusted valet and his attorney-in-disguise to find the perfect candidate.

Description: With a dash of Cinderella, a pinch of Don Quixote, and a whole lot of apple pie comes an American road movie that will bring back memories of the classics from Frank Capra:

It’s 1933, the Depression is in full swing, and 65-year-old absentminded Sam Buttle has one remaining goal in the sunset of his life: To grant his riches to someone in need.

So against the advice of greedy, hard-hearted relatives, Sam prepares to hit the road - all by himself! Only after a big debate does he let his faithful but exasperated valet, George, accompany him. Sam's new attorney, Roy, wants to go along, too. The thing is, the determined old Santa met the young man once, so Roy has to masquerade as a hobo to hitch the ride.

Over the ensuing weeks, the altruistic little troupe encounters all the good and bad and funny and sad that the era has to offer. Will they ever find a single, most-worthy beneficiary out there, somehow, somewhere, among a nation of millions of needy?

Requirements: All you need is a smartphone or eBook-Reader, or the free reading software on to view it on a browser: (pick a download from there). This free eBook is available world-wide so, sorry, I won't just post a free PDF for you to read. I don't want a draft PDF floating around, especially since I polish everything at least once per year. (My understanding is that when you have the eBook, when you log into Amazon any changed content is automatically downloaded to your reader. Cool!)

You’re welcome to critique the story here on this thread, or via PM, for screenplay technique etc. The reportage of any typos would be much appreciated. Remember that for these eBooks I expand all screenwriting abbreviations (eg. b.g. or o.s.) for the ‘general reading audience’.

Enjoy! (I hope)

Steve G.

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