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Default Re: Giving up hope? No Unsolicted materials...

Originally Posted by boski View Post
Not when it comes to posting loglines on a public forum. That's not paranois it's simple prudence.

I wouldn't post my best loglines on a public forum like this.

I'll gladly show them to industry pros via mail/email etc where I can maintain at least some semblance of a paper trail, but just tossing them out to a forum of wannabe screenwriters isn't the best idea IMO.

On the other hand, if I had a logline that's as genius as Gold's "real" logline, I probably wouldn't be having the problem that generated this thread.
Have you ever been a script reader, Boski? Production companies and agencies often have interns who are not on the payroll read scripts and write coverage. Since they aren't even on the payroll, there would never be any proof that they read your script, and many of these readers are wanna be screenwriters. In short, whenever you submit a script, you potentially toss your work out in front of other wanna be screenwriters.

GoldStarWriter, you probably need to have your logline and your screenplay critiqued by experienced screenwriters or script consultants if this is your first script.

It might be good for you to read other's scripts too, both actual produced scripts and the scripts of newbie screenwriters. That helps a lot in the learning process. And feedback from others can be vital on issues like format, structure, character development, and dialogue.

And by the way, if one's work is good enough to be stolen, then the writer has no worries.


All movies are rip offs or variations of other movies anyway. So if your script is really that good, you'll still make a sale to a producer or get a work for hire, regardless of whether your script is stolen. However, I suspect that most beginner scripts are so bad the writer couldn't pay anyone to steal them.

See how horrible most of the people are on American Idol? It's the same for new writers.
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