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Old 02-23-2019, 12:04 PM   #21
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Default Re: Results - Valentine's Day '19 contest

I enjoyed the reading on

Edit: with hindsight, not a discussion I want to get into, lol.
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Default Re: Results - Valentine's Day '19 contest

well, this looks like a fun time. will there be other opportunities to jump in?

read the Mazin tweet feed and somehow got onto a thread about how little assistants get paid, i mean, it's depressing as $hit-- $13.50 and hour? it's kinda sick... i mean how much would it really take to make it a fair wage?

then, they talked about when they get promoted to the next step up, they make less because now they're salary instead of getting overtime.

yikes! good for Mazin, standing up for what's right.
TIP OF THE DAY: when you attend a big film festival, make sure you have a pitch ready-- you never know when you'll find yourself sitting across from Shane Black and he asks, "what're you working on?"
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