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Old 02-03-2005, 11:30 AM   #1
Alex Mercer
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Default What do production companies do???

This may be a stupid question but here goes. What do production companies actually do? Do they finance films? Do they distribute films? Im just curious. Im asking more about a small production company.

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Before I read the article, these are my thoughts on production companies and what they do.

A lot of them act as middle men to the studios or as sieves straining out the good from the bad (in their opinion)

They exchange their legwork for free working quarters on many studio's lots and give that studio first look deals for this *convenience.*

They usually attach themselves to a project that they bring to a studio and if that project gets made and in turn makes money, their opinion is respected the next time they bring a project to the studio.

For a writer, it may be a lot easier way to get something made by bringing a script to a producer as most studios won't even look at someone they don't have a relationship with.

Some production companies do make their own films, but most of the ones I've dealt with have to *run* around to raise finances and that's the reason many producers *option* instead of purchase scripts. It gives them some exclusive time to raise that money to make a film. And if they can't, they haven't lost too much in option money as opposed to a purchase.

Now, I'm going to read that article and probably find out that I'm all wrong.
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