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Old 01-09-2008, 02:34 AM   #11
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Default Re: Interesting Strike update:

The concern is that side B, say United Artists, signs the contract but the person they were gonig to hire, Paul Haggis, would have gotten a more favorable deal regardless, so them signing the contract isn't really giving away anything -- and now they're able to put their high profile stuff into the pipeline, have something down the line for MGM, and generate some tension in the ranks of the lower profile screenwriters.

I'm not saying that's a decisive argument against because if you're going to go the individual deals route stuff like this will have to come up. But it does help explain why it's not a slam-dunk argument in favor of individual deals.

Personally, I think they should've announced individual deals were available in like January of last year, spent some time working out the specifics so they could have a blanket contract anyone could sign on to (thus avoiding accusations of favoritism and potential legal issues) and had that going right away. That way it'd be better established, look like less of a desperation ploy, and the WGA members would know well in advance what to expect, both upsides and downsides, so that we'd face less friction in the membership.
Steven Palmer Peterson
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Default Re: Interesting Strike update:

Sorry. Unfortunately I think it's bad.

Those small companies have little to loose signing those Interim deals. By the time they have to pay residuals, the deal will be nul. Its because the agreements contain provisions that would allow them to be superseded by any deal reached with bigger companies. That's what Interim means.

Moreover, the issues are rather slanted toward the TV world, with downstreaming, reality and animation jurisdictions. All things that don't involve the feature world. And as a cherry on top for the producers, the demand for improvement of the DVD residuals was dropped.

The writers could be undermining their position by seeking those deals because it would allow the big studios to use the fleet of smaller independent producers as processing factories. A studio could team up with independents, positioning itself to withstand a longer strike.

And it won't even alter the balance of power like many hope. More than 100 production companies signed interim agreements with the union during the last strike but they had no effect.

I think it's terrible.
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