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Default Re: SmokeHouse Pictures

Originally Posted by Doug Bremner View Post
I just cold called them (felt like I was back in high school) and they said they had a strict policy of only taking things through agents. Said it was a strict policy "from the top". (i.e. George I guess). Nice guy though.
This also begins a frustrating game of he said/she said and lack of communication. My manager told me a funny story recently. Says for another client, he tried submitting something to a production company that had the same policy. They told him they'll only accept it through their agent at CAA. They said they'd like to read it though, so they'll tell CAA it's ok to accept it and pass it on to them. Manager calls CAA a couple days later, CAA says they don't accept unsolicited material. Manager explains it IS solicited, their client said it was ok to send it via them. CAA says no, it's policy. Go away. Manager says YOUR CLIENT SAID IT WAS OK, JUST CHECK WITH THEM. CAA wouldn't budge, nor even check. Manager calls company again, tells them CAA won't accept it. Company says sorry, they'll let them know it's ok (again). Manager tries again a few days later, and the same person at CAA without apologizing for previous arsehole attitude mind you, says ok send the script and they'll pass it on, as instructed.

Script is sent.

Manager gets drunk.

The end.

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Like I said in the earlier post the policy means nothing. Here is wall to wall productions policy. A big tv company in the uk. Endmol, use to have a submission form but states an in houese only one now.

Please note that it is Wall to Wall's policy to develop ideas in-house drawing on its talented team of producers and executives.
If you do have an idea that you would like to share with us, please email us first or ask your agent or professional representative to contact us before submitting a full proposal. Unsolicited proposals will not, therefore, be read, copied or stored in any way.

So they will do what they want, you just have to get them too.
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