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Exclamation Best companies for "Fog Out Shooters" video

Need some help.

Staying away from the embroiling politics of gun control etc. (which is certainly not allowed here anyway).

In short, I have been in contact with a company that is possibly looking to do a short video on the application of their product to thwart school shooters in the future.

The 10 second video below is not from that company -- but the product the other company offers is even better than this.

The video would probably be less than 10 minutes as I think they are obviously wanting it to go viral.

Anyway, I am just trying to help them out pro bono and wondered if anyone has any contact info for boutique production company that has done similar work, or that you believe could handle it very well. It will probably include some animation, but nothing to complex.

You can just PM me contact info if you want... or even if you don't know anyone and would like to help. To get a slow roll going I started up a hashtag on Twitter -- if you want to help, simply RT the above video with #fogoutshooters. The main thing is we just want to get the applicable idea of this technology into school shooting discussions with those already sitting at that table -- is it perfect? Of course not. Would their be hurdles to overcome? Absolutely. But if you had a child in a hallway with a gunman would you want him to have a clear line of sight?

So yeah, any production company or contact that you think could help with this WOULD be GREATLY appreciated... it doesn't have to be someone in CA either; they are located out of state.

Hey mods, hope this is within bounds as I can't think of a better place that has the breadth and depth of knowledge to really help out with this.

Thanks to all!
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