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Default Free Pandemic eBook (Screenplay Trilogy): The Mawr Pneumonica

NOTE: The promotion has expired. You can still click the book to freely read 10 percent. Thanks!

************************************************** ***
You should all be spending your time writing and polishing your own material, but if you’re looking to read something this might be an interesting distraction. I’ve set my PG-Rated Apocalyptic Pandemic Trilogy (all in one eBook) on Amazon for free from this Monday midnight PDT till Saturday March 28, 2020 (5 days, the max I’m allowed):

The Mawr Pneumonica Trilogy: Parts 1 to 3 Complete:

Description: This trilogy was published in 2011, but it originated from material I wrote back to 2008. So while in those early years it was worked on more than anything that I’ve written since, its last polish was in 2016. Meanwhile, everything newer has had annual polishes. Still, it involved a lot of research and wouldn’t be the worst six 1-hour episode TV miniseries ever made if anybody ever put up the effort to produce it.

The basic premise of the story is that after the world’s (some may say) overreaction to an earlier pandemic alert (the 2009 Swine Flu), the next one’s on the loose and this time the authorities aren’t paying attention to it - except of course for our beleaguered heroine, Rose Morrison, who’s with the CDC.

Requirements: All you need is a smartphone or eBook-Reader, or the free reading software on to view it on a browser: (pick a download from there)

You’re welcome to critique the trilogy here on this thread, or via PM, for screenplay technique etc. The reportage of any typos would be much appreciated. Remember that for these eBooks I expand all screenwriting abbreviations (eg. b.g. or o.s.) for the ‘general reading audience’.

Enjoy! (I hope)

Steve G.

The Mawr Pneumonica Trilogy: Parts 1 to 3 Complete (2011):

The Mawr Pneumonica (Part I)
Logline: An Infectious Disease Specialist aided by a sympathetic cop struggles to warn skeptical authorities to prepare for pandemic as an apocalyptic virus breaks quarantine and begins a relentless global march.

The Farmhouse and the Ziggurat (Part II)
Logline: As a family in an isolated farmhouse struggles to survive a cataclysmic pandemic, a miraculous survivor is discovered by scientists in a huge compound a thousand miles away.

Tempesta Tormenta (Part III)
Logline: A family makes a thousand-mile journey across a perilous, apocalyptic landscape to meet survivors in a walled compound to find if they hold the key to immunity to a deadly virus.

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