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Old 06-23-2018, 07:50 AM   #21
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Default Re: Amazon Studios

Meanwhile, pretend-Amazon Studios are still trying the crowd-writing thing:

Check out the headline: You'd swear this article is written by somebody who doesn't have a clue at all about the work behind writing a story.

Anyway, the originators are quoted in the article with all sorts of reader comment numbers etc. being the metrics for calculating repeatable success. Didn't the 2016 Yankee election tell us that all of these things can be rigged, or weighted, or at least affected, through FB, etc.?

So what if these guys have had a few success stories. Don't they say they have 70+ million users? Even AS had better results than that.

The big difference in these, from AS, is that at least Amazon had the money to develop the stories it found in its on-line system. Here, you still have to do the whole build-a-fan-base, rep, producer, studio thing.

Self-publishing, and sites to load up your fan-fiction, have been around forever; ie. some of the earliest developments in the 90s on the web. But this seems to be nudging writers' hopes more toward movie fortune, from the outset. It's not just "Look Ma, I'm published!" any more.

As far as I'm concerned, this seems just another "pitch-fest" system that's attempting to cash in on the minuscule success-rate (ie. never-ending hope of the powerless).

Oh, and don't forget that the company owners hope it leads to that big IPO!
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