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Old 04-19-2017, 12:56 PM   #1
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Default Boutique vs bigger management co

Hey everyone I am currently without a manager. I do have an agent but my manager and I parted ways a few years ago mainly because I was not thrilled with how hands on she was. I felt like I was writing for her and a lot of the notes and suggestions were simply counter productive.

However I would like to meet some new managers and see how they might help me in my career path. So the question is, what makes a great manager? And specifically, how do you guys feel about the bigger boys like Anonymous Content, Mgt360 etc as opposed to the more independent managers out there?

In an ideal world I would be able to discuss ideas with my manager and get a very objective assessment of whether something is worth pursuing or not. I would like to work with somebody that I respect, but who also respects me and the choices I make in my writing. It was incredibly frustrating to have to incorporate bad notes into very early draft with my old manager I thought that was what happened once a project sold and executives got involved!

Finally, what is the norm re: how often I can send ideas over to agents? I fear that I might be using my agents more as managers since I need a sounding board and I obviously want to know if an idea is appealing to them, and to the market. But I also wonder that they might not want to read every tiny blurb or article or seed of an idea that comes across my head. Or maybe not ?
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Default Re: Boutique vs bigger management co

Don't worry about the overhead banner for management companies. Have your agent set you up with whoever he/she thinks is a good fit for your writing and personality.

Meet a lot of people and feel them out. It's like dating. Find the chemistry, commonality and the person who seems to get the type of writer you are and want to be. Sign with that person.

Where they work really doesn't matter as long as they have the right connections to get you read.

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Default Re: Boutique vs bigger management co

What Ducky said. Also, can this person work with your current agent. If you get a recommendation from your agent, this might not be a problem. I don't think they'd recommend someone they can't work with. The relationship triangle is important.
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