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Default Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right thread to post this on.

I'm new to the industry a little over year. I know a lot of you guys know the industry and are knowledgeable. I also know that very rarely do TV shows, pilots, productions, any of this make it and go anywhere. Since I have a pilot now, I might as well try my best to get it out there the best I can.

I am in Atlanta and about eight months ago I wrote a script that (I was doing some BG work), I got a guy to do a sizzle reel. I was actually just looking more for a reel. Anyway, it caught on and many people in Atlanta liked the vibe.

A director was wanting to work with me. So I came on as executive producer (something I had no clue about)... Investors came in on the production and we were able to cut a first scene. Eventually we were able to film a very high-quality pilot. It is going to be released in a couple of weeks. We are also working on a new trailer.

Now, here is the thing, I promised the actors (reels and SAG), crew (we paid), director, investors (well them a tiny percentage of the show if it gets picked up), which if goes nowhere, then it is nothing. That's it. No network pick-up or anything. So if I just sell the concept of script I okay too.

They all believed that this is something that could get picked up. I always told them that it could be possible. I am not one to ever promise something I cannot deliver on. Again, I want to be realistic.

I am kind of stuck here now though? I realize that submitting tons of query letters to agents might be a lost cause (I'm willing and have ), because they are probably looking only for screenplays that are not produced and filmed?

I don't know how I would go submitting to production companies, because we are in Atlanta and most probably want LA shows?

I am willing to sell the show concept or screenplay (without the filmed pilot) - if that is a possibility? I just don't know how I approach that?

If I have to go the independent distribution route, most of it is just features and if it is television, you need several shows available. I can do a short film route... But is it worth doing Hulu or something or should I just do webseries or post on Amazon.

Maybe, go for submitting to film-festivals, but I'm not sure what that will achieve.

It almost seems, in hindsight, that the best thing to do was to film a feature.

Again, I was totally new at this. I am not looking for criticism here or what I should have done or what I did wrong or how my show sucks. I am seeking help from people who are willing to be of service to a guy who got in a bind. This is my first time doing anything.

The show is called "The Grand Prince of Moscow"

Thank you for any direction or ideas you have.
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