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Old 05-19-2019, 04:09 AM   #1
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Default Prod Co List

Is there a Prodco list, like the Manager and Agent sticky?

If anyone has it can they please PM me it.
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Default Re: Prod Co List

In my association with LIMAMA (helping to assemble these lists back in the 2010-12 era), I have an old email that contains a list of 74 prodcos, many of which I know are out-of-date.

Anybody have something better that they can share with the OP, who's an out-of-towner ("Down Under")? All you need is:


The other thing I'll post here is my old epiphany about how to search using Google. The single biggest breakthrough I've ever had was discovering the value of "quotes" in the search string in Google. Thus:

Make sure you add the quotes! This finds any emails that Google has ever indexed. You'll find results in websites, conference postings in PDF, even people's resumes (where they include references). Amazing! But, yes, you'll have to have found (or somehow guessed) the website URL before you can do this.

Anyway, there'll be lots of hits that aren't current, and you'll still a lot of work to do to clean things up, but it's a lot cheaper than IMDBpro, Contactourage or any of the expensive services, let alone the paid-pitching sites such as VPF.

Incidentally, if you find that you get a lot of less-than-useful "" emails, with the above search, you can include a filter in the search string:

"" -""
The "-" removes the specified address from the search results.

(I'll forward my email address so you can send me a money order... thx! )

By the way, for my money, and for those just starting out, I'd advise subscribing to DDPro here, for access to their list(s). $30 a year for this, aside from the many other values the subscription provides.

But in the end, you'll probably end up creating and maintaining your own data as you go. In my own list, it's expanded to about 50 columns of very particular data, little of which I can or would share with anybody else because they'd not know what to make of it.

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