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Default Re: Spec Scout

60 would qualify as way too low. 70 is too low.
Just to go off on a tangent for a minute, the above is part of the problem here, I think. This makes it seem like scripts with scores in the 50's are shitty, but they're not -- they're merely "fine," which means they have room for improvement, certainly, but they're not bad.

The truth is that our scores break down like this:
- a score in the 60's is quite good
- a score in the 70's is great
- a score in the 80's is phenomenal
- there are no scores in the 90's so far

I don't know the exact percentages of the spec market scripts in each of those ranges, but I know it's a bell curve: A few in the 80's, a small chunk in the 70's and the bulk in the 50's and 60's.

As you might expect, the scores of the scripts we're being submitted by aspiring writers are also a bell curve, but it's shifted to the left of the scale:
- a few in the 70s,
- a small chunk in the 60's
- the bulk in the 40's and 50's

The above dynamic is why we've set the bar for inclusion in the database for our paid submissions at 60.0.
Jason Scoggins

or for that matter
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