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Old 02-01-2007, 06:06 PM   #1
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Default Naming names on fax to production co.

First of all, I'm brand new to this so 'hi' everyone.

I called a production company to try to interest them in my screenplay. I was told that I can send in my synopsis and, if they're interested, I'll get a response. When I asked to whom the fax should be addressed, I was told c/o the "Film Dept."

A friend of mine tracked down the names of the folks working at the production company along with their titles. He suggested that it would be far better to send my synopsis to someone specific rather than "Film Dept."

The list of potential recipients includes: the Partners, the Film Executive, three Creative Executives, the GM and the Film Development Assistant to the principal partner. So (finally) here's my question: assuming my friend is correct about addressing it to one of these folks, who is the best/logical person to whom it the synopsis should be sent?

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Default Re: Naming names on fax to production co.


Normally, creative execs handle submissions.
They work in the story department, or creative department
or some variation.
Since they told you to send a query to the "Film Dept"
it seems that's how they process a query from an
unknown writer without a referral.
Probably the way to go.
Your friend is right, it's always better to send a query to
a specific person.
But since you don't know anyone there, it's a crapshoot.
If you send your query to a specific person, and they
didn't ask for it, they may 86 it without reading.
On the other hand, the material in the "film dept"
stack may languish for weeks or months without anyone
reading it.
Might be wise to send it to the Film Dept and wait a
couple of weeks.
If you don't hear anything, resend it to one of the
creative execs.
Really, there is no right or wrong way.
You're lucky they said to send it at all.
And don't hang your hat on this one prodco.
Move along. Send out hundreds of queries.
Email seems to be the way to go although faxes
can work.
Try phone calls, faxes, emails and lavish gifts
like Jaguars. If you have Jaguars to lavish, send
me one, too.
Welcome to the wacked out world of screenwriting.
The Cole
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Old 02-02-2007, 09:38 AM   #3
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Default Re: Naming names on fax to production co.

Spud, what Cole said.

I'd just like to add that when you ask who to send your query to and all you get is a department, ask the person you're speaking to what his name is and ask if you can mention you spoke with him in your fax. If he says, "yes," mention it at the top of your query and always send the fax immediately if you can.

If you get lucky and speak directly with a person you are trying to reach and he says to send your query to him, mention you just spoke with him and again, send the fax, e-mail etc. immediately if you can.

Do any little thing you can to get remembered.

My regular 2 sense.

Good luck,

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