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Richmond Weems
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Default Re: PARALLAX VIEW--I'm gut sick.

Let me clarify: I don't mean to imply that The Parallax View doesn't stand up to any thriller today, but that there are plot holes in the flick that don't bear any weight upon repeated viewings (the plane exploding on the tarmac being the most obvious one--why weren't the passengers herded into some room to be interrogated by the police/FBI). And maybe that's true of any thriller flick, but I agree with Bill that the '70s were a friggin' gold mine for paranoia-filled thrillers.

I mean, Harrison Ford doing not much but _standing there_, staring at Hackman in The Conversation. You can't beat sh$t like that. (And it's further proof that Selleck would've never been able to sell the meanness of Indiana Jones; Ford had a mean streak in him, or, at least, could give it to the camera like he meant it. Selleck's just too goddamn nice.)

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Default Re: PARALLAX VIEW--I'm gut sick.

Afraid I have to side with the somnambulists. I saw PV 5, 10, 15 years ago??? Can't remember anything exceptional about it. I'll probably watch it again to see, but...

the greatest paranoid conspiracy thriller of all time is of course: The In Laws (1979)

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