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Default My Flower Films Experience -- The Conclusion

In an earlier posting I sought advice on my initial contact with Flower Films -- despite being an unrepped writer they read my synopsis, responded enthusiastically, and requested the script. I asked in this forums how long to wait to followup with a status query. Several folks gave me helpful advice, for which I am thankful.

Last week I followup with a short, polite e-mail. Several days later I received a phone call -- unfortunately, I wasn't home at the time, and it was late on a Friday.

The timing -- having a weekend in limbo -- unavoidably fueled a lot of speculation. We had not spoken by phone before. The imagination is a powerful thing. Good for screenwriting, bad for waiting.

It's funny how quickly elaborate mental scenarios can disappear in a puff of white smoke. Heck, it's practically a magic trick.

It took about 10 seconds into our 4 minute conversation to hear "PASS". That was followed with a short, general critique. I had hoped a rejection would include more specific reactions to story elements, but one takes what one can get.

The critique was helpful, however, in identifying the kind of writer I am. I don't feel that I would significantly change elements of the story to suit their sensibility (nor was I asked to), but I now have a stronger idea of how my work is seen outside my own head. Hopefully this will help me strengthen my identity and marketing approach.

thanks all,
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I had the same thing almost last week with Baldwin Entertainment Group...who are totally professional and prompt...go figure. They passed and gave me a copy of the coverage from their reader and then talked about the lack of marketability in its current state. Which, I already knew. But, they gave me some other info too about my style of writing etc that was helpful and encouraging. Plus, its a great contact and the door was left open for future projects.

So, good things can come from a pass.
"I could be wrong, and I probably am."
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