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Default Re: To do or not to do

Originally Posted by DLev24 View Post
Originally Posted by AnyOtherName View Post
What? No. You don't need to forward other prodocs to this guy. Sending you a nice email doesn't give him any legal rights to the script. If this guy puts together the movie, great for him, and great for you-- but there's nothing shady about your pursuing other options in the meantime. I assure you, he's pursuing multiple scripts.
I second this sentiment whole-heartedly. Assuming he hasn't optioned the script or gotten you to sign a shopping agreement, you should keep shopping it around yourself. Producers share scripts they like all the time, it's not a reason to stop pursuing other avenues. Hell, that's exactly what creates heat and a bidding war. My fingers are crossed for you!
Of course this is true, if you've not signed anything. But if you have, you can still make an opportunity out of what seems a difficult situation.

Let's say your signed producer is coming up short of investment or some other element. While your active marketing of this story to new contacts is suspended - because you signed this over to the producer - maybe you can offer to connect him/her with some of your own contacts, to try to fill the gaps.

These may be other prodcos who've read several of your scripts - more than two or three reads suggests they like your work but are just holding out for the right one. They may even have read and passed on this particular story - they pass for reasons other than "it was no good".

But once they know that the other producer is "doing the heavy lifting", they may come on board to help raise capital, or bring an A-list director or cast member they're connected to, familiarity in distribution in a particular geographic zone eg. China, or some other resource or expertise.

And it will be for the producers to negotiate with each other for the split of the pie, not with you. You're simply making the connection - using those hard-earned relationships you've fostered over the years.

Now, whether you do this for free, or for something above the initial contract (eg. an Exec Producer status if genuine investment comes on board, or some unpaid onscreen co-pro credit, or some other creative considerations such as a job on the set, who knows), is entirely up to you to ask for.

It's something your lawyer can advise on. It's called "deal-making"!

Whatever it takes to get these things made, right?

Oh, and congratulations, you'll also be one-step closer to the goal many of us have: Becoming writer-producers!
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Default Re: To do or not to do

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
For multiple quotes, I just click the DDPro icon on the screen to insert the quote tags, as many times as I want to quote something
This is why God created women...

...after he realized how badly he screwed up with men.
Thanks for the info.
Wait - are you a female? I watch the picture, so...
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Default Re: To do or not to do

Originally Posted by AnyOtherName View Post
You don't need to forward other prodocs to this guy.
The trick is - other prodocs responded en mass when they read I have a producer interested in the script.
Also, you are right, some of them are definitely interested in taking on the whole production by themselves.
And I also got a referral to a manager through one of them who is too busy for this project. I am only not sure is it for the script or representation.
We'll see.
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