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Old 07-22-2008, 07:08 PM   #1
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Default Horror-Comedy Prodcos

Hey all, I'm going to do my research and find places, but if anyone knows prodcos that dig low-budget horror-comedies, please share. I know this isn't the easiest genre ever (for a sale), but the script actually got me a gig once so I figured I'd revisit while I work on my regular comedy stuff.

Thanks much.
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Old 07-24-2008, 09:56 AM   #2
Carlton Redford
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Default Re: Horror-Comedy Prodcos

Definitely list such scripts at because the vast majority of the 2,700 producers who search their site are exactly the budget range and genre preference you want.

There's a fee of course, but if you register a well written logline and an enticing synopsis you'll unquestionably get plenty of ongoing read requests from prodco startups and others who specialize in churning out well done low budget products for all media venues.

I would however strongly recommend against registering the actual script.

You'll hear occasional comments against the site but for the budget range and tastes of producers you're seeking it's perfect, and the actual cost for abundant on-target read requests works out to a very small unit cost (probably around 50 cents per producer for your in-demand genres).

Besides registering your logline and synopsis with them, their weekly e-zine (also for a fee) with 4 or 5 producer requests each week would also be very cost effective for targeting your particular material to low-budget companies here, as well as in Canada and overseas.

-- Carlton
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Old 07-28-2008, 07:09 AM   #3
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Exclamation Re: Horror-Comedy Prodcos

There are places to get that info for free. (like

Independent Filmmakers and Directors

Dark Prairie Productions
The Short Films of Dark Prairie Productions - Dark Prairie Productions delights in exploring the absurdity of the modern human condition through tales of horror and fear.

4321 Films
Independent Film, Horror, Comedy, Gore, Digital Video directed Monsturd and Retarded
run by Rick Popko, Dan West, Dan Burr, Ken Dashner

4th Floor Pictures
The 4th Floor is a home for the Serial Killers, Freaks, and Demons that live under your bed. We produce low budget video shot flicks

AMF Productions
AMF Productions is based in Fresno, California, videography, filmmaking, online digital entertainment.

Anchorbay Entertainment
Leading independent home video/DVD entertainment company with a library of critically acclaimed movies

Archangel Productions
Michael Kazlo II - Bloodflust Nominated: BEST SCREENPLAY 2003 Shockerfest - film 'Regret' in post production.

Brimstone Media Productions, LLC
specializes in horror and science fiction films for the worldwide home video and television markets.

Come Get Some
Writer, director, and producer-Jason Griscom - Great Site lots of photographs and information

Dirt Productions
Dirt Productions is dedicated to providing bizarre video, commercials, music videos and shorts (with an emphasis on horror genre). Dirt Productions latest film is 'The Dead Have Risen' directed by Mitch Csanadi.

Dreamsword Productions
Production Company

Empty House Films
Founders Andy Davis and Scott Morabito
Projects Beneath The Frostline, The Dark and The Pumpkin Man

Exhumed Films
Exhumed Films is the brainchild of four friends from the New Jersey/Philadelphia area: Dan Fraga, Joseph A. Gervasi, Harry Guerro and Jesse Nelson. Dedicated to bringing the most obscure and the most beloved genre films to the big screen.

Fan of the Dead
Nicolas Garreau
Living Dead trilogy filming locations documentary

Fear Film Independent Productions
President Robert J. Massetti
FEAR FILM Independent Productions Inc are producing feature length, cutting edge horror films with world wide distribution. They are based in South Florida and their films include 'Blackout' and 'Realms of Blood' a trilogy of tales.

Frazer Lee
Film Director Frazer Lee is based in the UK. He has directed two horror shorts 'On Edge' starring Doug Bradley and 'Red Lines' . His latest project is a feature called 'Urbane'.

Fright Flix Productions
Independant US horror film production company
Founded by the writer/producer/director Nick Palumbo the latest movie is 'murder-set-pieces'. Website contains director's notes, trailers, photo galleries and much more.

Frontline Films
Frontline Entertainment, Inc. is a motion picture production company founded for the creation of affordable, independent, quality, small-budget movies.

Gallows Hill Productions
They are hard at work on their next feature film anthology 'DEAD THINGS'. Website includes news and updates, galleries and information about their other movies.

The site for an independent horror movie written and directed by Dutch Doscher with news production stills and information.

Grindhouse Pictures
Informational site about Grindhouse Pictures and it's projects

Happy Cloud Pictures
Happy Cloud Pictures got its humble start as the collective dream of its founders: Amy Lynn Best, Bill Homan and Mike Watt. The trio band together on their first feature film, The Resurrection Game

IKO Productions
Movies include 'Run' and 'afterthought' located in Orlando, Florida founded in 2003

John Borowski
Water Front Chicago Production Company

Kiss of Death Productions
An independent film company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Specializing in horror films and spicy thrillers influenced by the various pulp magazines of the 1940s and 1950s!!

Knightsfall Productions
Filmmaker Jeff Burns
Including films, upcoming projects and pictures.

Light and Dark Productions
Films include, The Tenement, Fear of the Dark, Fairview Falls and the Family Tree - Gallery, Store, Recent News, Information about all the films

Lord of the Dead
Greg Parker
Lord of the Dead is the first feature film by Greg Parker made with very little money and a lot of enthusisam take a look trailer on site

Malinda Productions
Filmmaker Michael Koro****ch
Including TV Shows, Documentaries and Movies including information on the film TV Terror.

Midnight Pictures
Andrew Harrison and Darryl Sloan
Midnight Pictures films are no budget. Armed with camcorders and tomato ketchup, what this studio lacks in resources it makes up for with enthusiasm and a lot of heart based in Portadown, County Armagh, site has lots of information and interviews

Mindscape Pictures
a Boston, Massachusetts based motion picture company devoted to unique, character-driven storytelling

NFTS Productions
Jason Stephenson.
1st feature horror film 'OFF THE BEATEN PATH' now available on DVD an exciting no-budget horror film group.

Once Lost Productions
Independent Horror Production Company

Pheromone Films
Pheromone Films is currently in post-production for our upcoming sci-fi thriller UNEARTHED, starring Tom Savini.

PhillipsFilms Ltd
Cohen Phillips, Anthony Myers and Scott Virtes
Featuring Information on all their new films including their latest Voice of the Dead

Precinct 13 Entertainment
Formed in 2004 by film Director, Producer and Writer Robert Kurtzman, P13 is a premiere, full-service, state-of-the-art media production facility
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Old 07-28-2008, 07:10 AM   #4
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 67
Exclamation Re: Horror-Comedy Prodcos

Independent Filmmakers and Directors

Regurgitated Films
An Independent Horror Film Company in the process of beginning production on their next film CANNIBALS vs ZOMBIES this summer

Robber Baron Productions
Company directors Frazer Lee, Joseph Alberti and Karl Harrison. The production company is based in the UK. They created the horror short 'On Edge' starring Doug Bradley and 'Red Lines'. Their latest venture is a film called 'Urbane'.

Roberson Horror Films
Weird, Offensive and funny, James A. Roberson's short films of horror. Website includes forum, articles, downloads, posters and much more.

Robo Monkey
Owned by filmmakers Jason Cavalier and Melantha Blackthorne
Robomonkey Productions is a new Cult Film distribution company that will be producing and selling obscure horror action and exploitation sci-fi films.

Salvation Films
Distributor and producer of sex, sleaze, and horror films.

Satanic Panic
Satanic Panic is directed by Writer, Producer, and Director Marc (The Rockville Slayer) Selz.

Smithers Productions
Smithers Productions is an independent production company specializing in horror. The website contains information about their first film project 'A Bothered Conscience'.

SOTA Productions
SOTA Productions have just released a comedy horror film "Demons at the Door" to home video. They are a full service production company specializing in horror/sci-Fi. They also produce live and video projects for the Insane Clown Posse. Contact Pat Tantalo

Steven Kassle
Official site of independent producer/director Stevin Kassle

Sv Bell's Cult Movies - Films by SV Bell
The movie - The Night They Returned is their first feature film available to buy through their online store. Also on the site are Trailers, Wallpapers, Stills, and Reviews.

The Dreadnaughts
Mark Newton is the writer/director of a film called The Dreadnaughts. It is a horror sci-fi thriller.

Toe Tag Pictures
Home of the controversial horror film and FX company. Creators of August Underground, August Undergrounds MORDUM and The Redsin Tower.

Ubik Kollective
A sample of Rob Hurtt and the Ubik Kollective's short films

Very Scary Productions
Independent Filmmaker Jeff Kirkendall has been making movies since 1996 his most recent feature is a horror picture titled 'Temptress' . Website includes Biography, Current and Upcoming movies and much more.

Warped Reality Pictures
Warped Reality Pictures featuring Cannibal Maniac, an action driven, ultra violent, fantasy, flesh eaters movie about injustice and revenge

X Posse
X Posse Productions creates low-budget horror movies you can buy their movie Evil Awakening on DVD described as a classic slasher horror film

Zombie Honeymoon is a website devoted to writer/director Dave Gebroe's romantic horror movie "zombie honeymoon, which will receive a limited theatrical release in october 2005.
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