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Default New member looking to ask questions

I'm new to this board and I was wondering if I can ask some questions. I hope it's not a bother. A little background on myself, I've been writing screenplays for a while now but I just recently have tried to really make it a career about 3-4 years ago. I've just liked writing screenplays since I was 12, I love movies and this is definitely what I want to do. I've honed my skills for years (structure, dialouge, action, pace, plot, etc.). I've learned a lot about what it takes to really write a screenplay that can represent your talent. I've written a ton of screenplays from action, comedy, drama, to horror.

The next phase that I'm going for is selling my screenplays. That's something that I've researched from books, articles, etc. I have gathered a lot of information but I want some from fellow screenwriters who are in the same boat as me. These are the questions. I hope it's not too long.

1. E-query letters. I have the Hollywood representation directory and it is filled with agent names but some don't list their email addresses. I'm familiar with "firstinitiallastname" , but some don't list the agents at all, they just have a general email submission. My question is, if I send an e- query letter to an agent or a production company (that only has a general email submission address) what should I write? Since I can't write, "dear so and so", what do I put in place? Or should I not send an e-query to that agency or production companies?

2. Writers guilds. Since this is my first time trying to sell my screenplays I want to know two questions. The first one, as an unpublished writer, how do I get membership to writers guilds like WGA? I went on their website and it said something about having a certain amount of units in order to become a member. Which I took as meaning having writing credits (which I don't obviously). Is this correct? If not, can you tell me what I need? My second question regarding writers guilds is can you tell me of credible writers guilds besides WGA? I've been on the internet but some guilds aren't credible to me.

Those are my questions, thanks.

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Default Re: New member looking to ask questions

1. The reason you're having trouble finding email addresses for agents and producers is that they don't want you to have their email addresses. That said, there are lots listed in this very forum. Look around.

2. For screenwriters, there is only one guild, the WGA. Actually, there's a WGAw and a WGAe, depending on where you're located, but that information won't help you, because you can't just join up. You need to sell something to a signatory company, then you will be compelled to join.

But honestly, this is pretty basic stuff. It's great that you've spent so many years honing your skills, but you might wanna take another glance at all those "books, articles, etc" you've been reading. I guarantee you, this information is in there.
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