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Old 09-16-2013, 07:05 PM   #1
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Default I'm Gonna Form a Company... Wish Me Luck

I'm starting a creative development company that develops films based on
established Japanese comics (manga) Anime, and video games

A film portrays a story. This one, sadly, probably won't make a movie - but it's ours.

a film-development business. We do not make movies. Production companies and big Hollywood studios make movies.

What we actually do is find stories and develop them into commercially viable film proposals, the blueprints for movies. This means creating a package - of which a well-crafted script is just one component.

A script that tells a compelling, filmic tale needs good company. First, it has to be paired with a film producer who wants to make the script into a movie, although in practice, it's usually the producer who approaches us with an idea or a story. The next step would normally be to 'attach' a director and key actors to enhance the package's appeal.

But there are no hard-and-fast rules in film development. The process we've just described may all happen the other way round. It might be that a big movie star reads a book, loves it, and buys an option on the production rights. Then the process would run the other way: the actor finds a director, who finds a producer, who finds us, the development team.

Either way, development is the first step in the process of making a film. The next is 'greenlighting' - this is when the production finance is formally approved, enabling the project to move from development into pre-production, or 'prep'. The actual making of the movie is known as principal photography.

By this time we're well out of the picture, and have moved on to the next project. Having said that, we have a share in the net profits of the film, so our investors do benefit if we chose a winner.
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Default Re: I'm Gonna Form a Company... Wish Me Luck

What kind of up front investment is involved in buying the rights to the comics? I would imagine if the comics are well known enough to be potential film properties, the rights won't be cheap.

- Bill
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