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Mysterio Who
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Default Halloween 3 pages (Separation Anxiety)

I posted this in the scriptpages forum before. At that time the short was 6 pages, and had dippity doo crap peppered throughout, like flashbacks and dream sequences. So I took everyone's advice and got rid of all that fat. Maybe the short is too short now, I don't know.

Anyway, this is much in the same vein as Gore's halloween short, but since I'm an actual twin. It means more coming from me.

FADE IN: INT. NOBLE MANOR - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT A disheveled man, JOHN NOBLE, (30's) sits in a high backed leather chair drinking a glass of brandy. John stands from the chair, approaches a bar at the far end of the room, fixes himself another glass of Brandy. FLASH, a bolt of lightning illuminates the room. John's face is reflected in a mirror above the wet bar, he recoils, drops the glass of Brandy, it shatters on the hard wood floor. JOHN Christ! John takes a towel and begins to clean up after himself. The phone rings. John answers. JOHN (CONT'D) Hello? Silence. JOHN (CONT'D) Hello? John's about to hang up. VOICE (O.S.) Thought it was easy to forget about me, but I never forgot about you. JOHN Who is this? VOICE (O.S.) I've been with you since the beginning. JOHN You have the wrong number. John hangs up, visibly upset at the call, John continues to clean up the shards of glass, but stops when he sees the spreading amber liquid meet with a wet foot print, a track of them lead out of the room. INT. JOHN'S BEDROOM - NIGHT A door slams inward, John rushes towards a dresser at the far end of the room next to his bed. He opens a drawer, rummages through it. A shadowed figure stands behind at the entrance, quietly watching John. FIGURE You won't find what you're looking for in there? John reels back, startled. The shadowed figure holds a gun in his hand. FIGURE (CONT'D) It's right here. The figure lays the gun down on a dais next to the door. JOHN Who are you? What do you want from me? FIGURE Is that any way to greet your closest friend. JOHN I don't have any friends. FIGURE Of course you don't. The figure steps into the lamp light of the room, revealing John's twin brother JAMES NOBLE, he wears a hospital gown. JAMES you cast aside the only one you had. JOHN James? I don't know how you got out, but you need your medicine. I can help you, just let me call your doctor. JAMES How could you forget about me like that? JOHN It wasn't my fault, you killed dad. JAMES You got rid of me, like I didn't matter. JOHN You're the murderer, not me. JAMES I'm not the only one wearing a hospital gown? James smiles in mock satisfaction. John looks down at his clothes, his suit has been replaced with a hospital frock. JOHN How? JAMES Those are the clothes of a murderer. John lunges at James, grabs him by the throat. James laughs in amusement. JOHN I'm not a murderer! John stops, realizes there's no one there, laughter echo's throughout the room. JAMES (O.S.) Could have fooled me. John looks back, sees his reflection in a mirror, believes it to be his brother. He grabs the gun off the dais, empties a round at the reflection. JOHN Go away. The bullet hits the mirror, shards of glass rain down to the carpeted floor. John reluctantly approaches the shards of glass on the floor, looks down at a kaleidoscopic image of himself. Realization seems to set in on John's reeling face. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT John enters into the kitchen. He follows the wet footprints, approaches a linen closet, reaches for the knob and opens the door. The dead body of John's twin brother, James falls forward. He wears an expensive suit, His throat has been slashed. John looks at the body in disbelief. JOHN No. FADE OUT. THE END
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