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About the Craft
Basics of Screenwriting
Discuss and ask questions about format, dialogue, sluglines, transitions, etc. related to script writing.
Topics: 1,850 Posts: 23,727
1,850 23,727
Frequently Asked Writing Questions
Archive of commonly asked questions and answers regarding screenwriting.
Topics: 61 Posts: 1,278
61 1,278
Intermediate & Advanced Screenwriting
Discuss structure, character development, themes, pace, dialogue, and more related to the craft of writing scripts.
Topics: 4,810 Posts: 105,720
4,810 105,720
Loglines and Query Letters
Receive suggestions & feedback on loglines and letters you are working on.
Topics: 2,428 Posts: 51,680
2,428 51,680
Script Pages Feedback
Receive suggestions & feedback on your script pages from aspiring writers to industry pros.
Topics: 3,539 Posts: 44,291
3,539 44,291
Script Pages Feedback - Advanced
Receive candid feedback on your writing from Mazin, Lowell, Haas, BDZ & TK.
Topics: 253 Posts: 1,165
253 1,165
Story & Title Development
Receive suggestions & feedback on developing your story and titles for your script.
Topics: 801 Posts: 12,793
801 12,793
Writing Exercises
Use to hone your writing skills.
Topics: 457 Posts: 13,192
457 13,192
Writing for TV
Discuss the craft of writing for television including: scripts, pilots, shows, bibles, formats, etc.
Topics: 1,110 Posts: 7,347
1,110 7,347
by Bono
Writing Video Games
Discuss writing for video games and what goes into the scripts.
Topics: 13 Posts: 54
13 54
by JS90
Agents, Lawyers & Managers
Discuss relationships with agents, lawyers & managers as well as swap information on experiences, background, and advice in working with them.
Topics: 4,320 Posts: 46,839
4,320 46,839
Business Questions and Advice
Ask and answer specific questions about the business of writing for film and TV, meetings, interviews and contracts & agreements.
Topics: 4,568 Posts: 67,029
4,568 67,029
Frequently Asked Questions
Archive of commonly asked questions and answers regarding the business of screenwriting.
Topics: 86 Posts: 1,142
86 1,142
Script Deals
Discuss the various scripts, books, short stories, articles, pitches and treatments set up and sold for features and TV shows.
Topics: 1,011 Posts: 11,467
Last Post: Juror #2
1,011 11,467
Discuss working as a TV writer, being a writers' assistant, the writers' room, staffing, showrunners, pitching, presentations and more.
Topics: 201 Posts: 2,067
201 2,067
by JS90
Announcements, News, & Opportunities
Post want ads, info on events, classes, lectures, contests, projects available, updates, offer services, news, film festivals, personal accomplishments or endeavors, etc. related to script writing.
Topics: 1,777 Posts: 6,405
1,777 6,405
Articles, Books, Blogs, Magazines, Social Media, Videos & Podcasts
Discuss various film & TV script writing related articles, books, magazines, social media, videos and podcasts you like.
Topics: 1,277 Posts: 13,084
Last Post: I didn't know this!
1,277 13,084
Classes, Contests, Conferences, Festivals, Groups, Panels & Seminars
Discuss & ask questions about various screenwriting classes, contests, fellowships, conferences, festivals, groups, and panels & seminars that you have entered, attended or are interested in knowing more about. Share advice, successes, and problems.
Topics: 2,439 Posts: 39,022
2,439 39,022
Research and Resources
Discuss and exchange info on helpful resources & sites for researching topics you are writing about in your scripts.
Topics: 1,547 Posts: 13,892
1,547 13,892
Mark Somers
Sites, Services, Software, & Supplies
Discuss and/or review websites, services, script readers, software, apps, technical issues, computers and supplies you use all related to script writing.
Topics: 2,397 Posts: 30,787
2,397 30,787
Movies & Television
Discuss films you have seen at the theaters, on TV, streaming or on home video.
Topics: 7,381 Posts: 131,367
7,381 131,367
Discuss TV series, TV movies, limited series and miniseries on broadcast, cable, streaming and DVD.
Topics: 2,942 Posts: 44,316
Last Post: The Last of Us
2,942 44,316
by Ethos
Writers & Scripts
Discuss script writers and film & TV scripts.
Topics: 1,788 Posts: 20,656
1,788 20,656
by Prezzy
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Articles & Blog Posts
Collection of posts from other script writing sites.
Topics: 1,140 Posts: 1,145
Last Post: This Uncertain Age
1,140 1,145
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