Format issues when scene filmed by surveillance video



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  • Format issues when scene filmed by surveillance video

    I have two scenes which I want to audience to see in a way that is clear they are watching the scene thru a surveillance video, and not the scene directly

    For example: Person X exits the building and the audience sees the person being watched by surveillance video. In other words, the screen the audience is watching is one of a surveillance video camera, and not the scene directly.

    How do I format the action/script so that this is clear to the reader of the script.

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    I'm sure some others can offer different suggestions and thoughts, but I pretty much always say, keep it simple and clear, of course, particularly so the reader isn't confused.

    Grainy black and white man. Parking lot.  A MAN wearing a hoodie with a dark baseball cap pulled down close to his eyes enters.
    He walks to a white car. Checks the door handles.
    ... and so on.

    Or you can do something like Joe Esterhaz did in SLIVER:

    It is a large screen, surrounded by other large screens (the security screens in the lobby are small). The other screens
    around it -- we see three or four -- are dark. We see her on the screen.... as she looks at herself in her bar and panties,
    holding her tummy. The pictures is in perfect color. We hear the MUSIC from her apartment.
    Granted, I'm personally not a fan of "we see" but that's up to you. But with sluglines for the monitor or screen that should give people more than enough idea.

    And if you want people to know where the screen(s) is then add INT. SECURITY OFFICE - NIGHT, for example, along with a brief description of the small room and the guard, or wherever the screen is. Then do the mini-slug line (TV SCREEN) and go from there.
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