Do you really have something to say when you write ?



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  • Do you really have something to say when you write ?

    I just watched a rough cut of a film that will be coming out in Dec. Unfortunately, I 've been using this name everywhere so I'll keep the movie a secret. Regardless.

    The movie sucked. My question to you is, "Should you only have one, single, solidified message or point when you write a screenplay?"

    My view - it becomes confusing when you present many ideas that will not be elaborated throughout the movie. I understand that you must make the story complex BUT everything should revovle around your main message. One main point i.e. theme or premise. "Great love defies even death." Egri on Romeo and Juliet.

    To have a simple, solid idea, we can use the rest of the screenplay to actually experiment and find out if we are right. Once we have exercised all NEW possible ideas, the story will be cohesive. Can be summerized in a sentence.

    SO, the scripts that fail on screen failed to examine their premise? Did they really have something to say when they wrote it? Is this as important as I'm making it to be?

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    Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

    Filmmaking is probably the ultimate collaborative process. A script is just a story blueprint and there are many variables that can turn the script into a great film or a bad film. Have you read the script for this film? Maybe the script was poor to begin with, or maybe it was mangled during production.

    Write the best script you can, tell the story you want, with the themes you want - as simple or as complicated as is necessary to tell the story. That's a writer's job. Turning the script into a film is the job of a lot of other people.

    Nobody ever sets out to make a bad film.
    Craft maximises talent


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      Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

      Whether you should have one or more themes depends on the story - and the theme itself could be more or less important depending on the story or the genre. In some movies you notice the theme more and then, of course, it is more important that the message is clear, than if it's just an enjoyable ride. I'd guess that the movie you saw really tried to say something and that the message was very important for it, but that it failed to pass the message on to you?

      Anyhow, your reasoning makes good sence to me.

      'Media is the evil of all evils, they tell you only what
      they want the story to be'¦'


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        Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

        I'm glad that there are writers like you Boski. You will define my writing and my scripts. I feel like this is a part of that movie Adaptation.
        Oh Boski, Egri's theme wasn't abstract. It was actually used to make things simplier. But, like I said, keep writing the way you do. If you do make something and make it on the screen then, I'll... be... writing some more... and be happy for you.
        Wonder it's safe too assume 1)most are writing with a voice and or 2)they've read this and agree.
        Either one will help me sleep at night.


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          Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

          When I start writing something I do not have a set theme or message that I want to say to the audience. Usually while writing the screenplay (or after) the theme becomes apparent for me except I don't try and ram it home.

          Majority of people go to the cinema to be entertained not to be forced fed one person's opnion about how mighty God is...that's what Jehovah Witnesses are for (Btw this is an example I am not having a go at anyone who belives in God).

          I believe that audiences will find a message or a theme anyway even if you don't have one that is readily defined.

          I start writing a good story (at least a story that I'd want to see). Theme comes second. However, subconciously I believe that everyone wants to say something with their art. Whether it be a private message for themselves or one that involves the human race.
          One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it. - French Proverb


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            Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

            I have found that having a "theme" acts as an excellent guide in my writing. For example, let's say I'm writing a rom/com. Okay, so love is going to be the guiding principle- but what kind of love? Well, I look at my life and see that love has provided me with a sense of acceptence. Then it all falls into place.

            I know how to show the couple as destined for each other. On their first meeting they instantly accept each other for who they are undernieth, regardless of who they are or what they look like.

            the rivals only acknowledge physical looks. The best friends comment that the protags have never really fit in with anyone, never found that right group to fit into.

            it works for raising the stakes: without the other person they will be truly alone again.

            And it dives right into the realization: the other is the only person who really accepts and understands them.

            For me having a theme is necessary. It is what you build your story on and around.

            So yes, have something to say and know what you're saying before you start.


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              Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

              I would say yes. You may not know exactly what you are saying when you begin writing it, but if it generates heat then that is because someone recognised a universal truth in what you wrote.

              Ideas are great. But unless you focus that idea on to something a movie going audience can identify with in their own lives then your idea counts for spit.


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                Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

                theme manifests itself into scenes. good stories have more than one scene where you can easily and clearly pick what the author is telling us the theme is.

                theme becomes a symbiotic tentacle to your actual scene. it IS your script.



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                  Re: Do you really have something to say when you write ?

                  I thought that one of my scripts was going to say a few too many things, but then I began to see in other films just how many things the writer wanted to say. So it's not always going to be just one thing.