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    I'm fleshing out a script about a high school who declares war on an over righteous student. It's in the vein of ELECTION, SAVED!, JAWBREAKER but not as dark as HEATHERS.

    I've noticed that most teen movies have first person VO narration and I'm trying to avoid the protagonist's narration as I was once told that narration is a form of lazy writing. Is there such a thing as a dark social comedy set in teen-dom without the internal musings of the protagonist?

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    Re: Teen Movie Question


    How about trying to use a montage? Or maybe a simple "first long scene" such as the one in American Pie. Sometimes VO's benifit the story, and sometimes it comes off as lame. I think one should only use VO's to expose backstory, or to help further the story, such as in David Steinburg's scripts After School Special and Slackers. IMO he uses this flawlessly.

    Hope that was helpful. Goodluck.


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      Re: Teen Movie Question

      Thanks for the advice. I really am trying to tell a linear story without VO, flashbacks, or montage which is proving to be most difficult. But I'm sure if I keep racking my brain, I'll figure out something fresh.