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  • It´s going too smooth

    I´m a little worried. I´ve written about 8 pages in 5 hours for 3 days now on my first serious project. It´s going to be about 30 pages long/short. I have been brainstorming for about 2 weeks, I´ve made an outline, and done some character background.

    I´ve read that 5 pages/day is much for many pros and they probably write for more than 5 hours/day so I´m a little worried that I´m doing it wrong.

    I´ve already made a few changes before finishing my first draft but I can´t detect any flaws a part from those small ones. I find it hard to trust myself because I know the screenplay can´t be finished without several rewrites but I don´t know what I should change right now. Is this normal?

    Also. Is it a good idea to let other writers look at it after I´ve completed the first draft or should this be done later in the process?

    Do you feel that 8 pages in 5 hours is much and if you feel like having a guess at what I´m doing wrong, then be my guest.
    - Tomas

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    Re: It´s going too smooth

    No one can answer this for you because everybody's process is different. When I wrote my first script, I banged out a first draft in 5 days and that was a feature length. It took me months and months of revisions, but I wrote about 20 pages a day--I think I spent pretty much every waking minute writing. Everyone writes differently and you're going to have times when the pages just pour out of you and times when finding the right word can take hours, it all evens out in the end.

    Bottom line: trust yourself. Your instincts are what brought you to this story and you should follow them. This is another lesson I'm learning (I have a post in Basics that shows this). Don't look for problems and don't think the fact that you can't find any problems is a problem. There is plenty of time for doubt, but the faster you get your draft on paper, the better.

    I remember something an old soccer player (Carlos Alberto) said about the difference between a newbie and an experienced player. Young players have a lot of energy and they chase the ball. Older, more experienced players look to cut the angles. They don't run around nearly as much, but they usually make the play. I assume the same holds true with pro writers and newbies. The pros may write less in a day, but what they write will probably make it to the next draft. As a newbie, I know I'm doing more work than a pro would, but I have, maybe not more energy, but more of a willingness to expend energy on things that may not make it to the final draft. Also, I think pro writers will be more consistent in their output. I may have a day when I write 10 pages followed by three days of nothing. A pro probably has more knowledge and discipline to consistently sit and write X number of pages or scenes.

    So I don't think you're doing anything wrong. You're learning your process and you're writing your script. Keep going.

    Good luck


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      Re: It´s going too smooth

      When I know what I want to say, I can write five pages an hour at my top speed. What takes the time is figuring out what I want to say.