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      Originally posted by robert-timsah
      This thread, like all the others, has worn me out - just from reading it. Can someone summarize it?
      Get feedback from 3-5 writer friends that will tell you the truth for free. Don't pay for notes. If you are getting smoke blown up your ass from paid readers and only listening to one voice tell you how great you are, but never have success with your material, then find new readers.

      Also everyone hates me.


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        You find people at film school, at local coffee shop when you notice them also using final draft, on done deal, twitter, I assume some of us AA, whatever.... you meet other writers, they read your work, you read their -- swap notes -- and you may find a few people. you trust along the way.... I've had different people come and go over the years. Some are pros now. Some are still trying to make it. I meet new people all the time... but I'm at the point I hate reading. I. Hate. It. But I still sometimes do it. And a few pages here are best. I love to talk about ideas instead of actually writing my own stuff, easier.

        I used to have a writing partner, who was also a narcissistic. But he's dead. So think about that.