Rebuttal to Pick The Right Idea BEFORE You Write One Word



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  • Rebuttal to Pick The Right Idea BEFORE You Write One Word

    Rebuttal: Bull.

    If you want to bring your writing to a level that you get paid to do it, write anything and everything to hone your craft and elevate your skill set.

    Write that script that no one is likely to buy. Because you'll learn something. Even if you stall after act one, you'll learn something.

    Write short stories, character sketches of a neighbor or boss, poems, song lyrics, things no one else will ever read -- because you'll learn something.

    Write letters to dead historical figures: Dear Adolf Hitler...

    Or, love letters to dead actors: Dear James Dean...

    Or, a speech your dog would give at a family reunion or a funeral.

    Keep writing to get your brain out of the box. Build your creative muscles. Color outside the lines.

    And never wait for someone else to validate your writing. Keep writing till you can lean back and say with confidence: I can fvcking write.

    Because the more you stretch yourself and experiment and explore, the faster you'll develop those mysterious things called voice and point of view.

    And that's when you'll be able to come up with "the right idea."

    If you sit around writing nothing until "the right idea" hits you, it likely never will.

    Advice from writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick. "Try this: if you can replace your female character with a sexy lamp and the story still basically works, maybe you need another draft.-

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    Until I can find a quote from Pope Francis regarding one licking one's butt in the Vatican I'll post this:
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