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  • Casting Photos for Actors

    I've seen it mentioned here and in books that sometimes it helps to have a specific actor (alive or dead) in mind when writing your screenplay. If anything it may help dialogue, or visualize action. Not that we should become casting directors...

    But I was wondering if there was a software or resource that had actor photos that could easily be downloaded.

    I've started my own photo "album" of actors using MS Word, and when I have a part I think would be great for one actor or another, OR if I need a little stimulus for writing a certain part, I go to my pictures.

    Any suggestions?

    Would someone be interested in an easy program to run with actor bios and photos? Perhaps I might design one.
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    Re: Casting Photos for Actors


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      Re: Casting Photos for Actors

      *heavy sigh* If you must, go to and knock yourself out.


      DISCLAIMER: I am by no means condoning this persons efforts or writing technique I'm just, you know, helping, sort of, kind of...nevermind.
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        Re: Casting Photos for Actors

        I don't write FOR a particular actor and don't recommend doing that, but I've
        kept a photo file for years. It dates back to when I first started writing novels. Has everything from actors to just interesting faces I saw in some magazine. Sometimes it does help to have a face to look at and if that gets your head into your story or the creative juices flowing, tape those puppies to the wall in front of you and go for it. No harm in that.

        Best place for finding photos on the Net is fan sites. Just type the actor's name in the search box and you'll get a bunch of them.
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          Re: Casting Photos for Actors

          I see nothing wrong in using an actor/actress to help put the finishing touches on a character. I do it all the time in defining my character's dialogue and physical appearance. When a writer takes that actor/actresses character from another movie and makes it his own, that's where problems start to set in. When I create my characters I create their goals, their needs, their personality, their life, everything that goes into that character. Then I decide what actor or actress as an individual would help further that character, not that I hope someday that they would pick up the role, but to help me visualize in my head what my character looks like, how he moves, his little quirks, speech patterns and tone in dialogue.

          If you notice all actors and actresses bring a part of themselves to the screen, in every film they play in, they speak the same, carry themselves the same, smile the same, laugh the same. It's what's inside them, not the character, that brings the character alive.

          It's no different than a casting director picking an actor or actress who will best fit the role and bring that character to life on the big screen. Only its not the big screen, its just all in your head.

          Just like in books that I read, I always visualize the characters as actors and actresses to help me see that character as a real person. Same thing.

          It's a tool, and just like any other tool, you can't abuse it. You can't take an actor from a movie and decide that character is going to be your main character and apply everything from that character to your own character. It doesn't work that way. Great characters spawn from the imagination, they are original, bringing with them original stories.

          Everyone has their own way in bringing characters to life, I say each to their own way. Whatever gets the job done.

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            Re: Casting Photos for Actors

            InHollywood has head shots (handpicked from the AP wire, I think). Knock yourself out!

            Cheaper than going to the pictures these days, eh. What with the popcorn and everything you've paid for a month's subscription.

            Our local cinema serves (very affordable) mugs of Yorkshire Tea, and maintains intermissions. 'Tis the future, **** blu ray and THX and salted/sweet popcorn all that gobbledygoop.

            There's always this.
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