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    Re: Who deserves a name?

    What if you have two or three of the same type of unknown characters:

    Robber #1
    Robber #2
    Robber #3

    It sure would look bad to have all these numbered non-essential characters. Perhaps we could put more information and description of the character and then call them:

    Fat Robber
    Short Robber

    or whatever...

    At that point I'd want to give these guys names. Maybe the name would imply through subtext what they are like. "Rufus" might be a stronger, meaner robber, while "Mikey" could be a timid one...

    If it's a one time, one liner, just calling them "clerk" or "bartender" is sufficient.
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      Re: Who deserves a name?

      If you saw your movie and had to write a transcript, how would you refer to each character? There wouldn't be any reason to make up a name for an un-named character. You would simply call the cashier "CASHIER." So, use that as your guide.

      There are exceptions. I have a low-life character who appears in several scenes in a recent script to try to collect money. He never tells any of the characters his name, and why would he? But I refer to him in the script by name, because it's a sizable role and I think it would be difficult to cast a notable actor in a generic-sounding role like "THUG."